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Skipping With Gerard

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Mikey Way will be introduced in this chapter. :D Some of you have been asking if Linda is homophobic. I am currently about if she is or not. Sorry guys, I've been writing this at school which is wh...

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Frank's POV
I can't believe Gerard would ask me to skip with him. Me! A silly little boy like me who wears long sleeved white shirts, red ties and black skinny jeans with skeleton gloves. A silly little boy who's hair is shaved at one side and dyed red and a fringe which is long, black and messy. What would Gerard see in a lad like me for a friend. He's crazy.

"So, do you want to skip?" He asks again.

"Of course, like yes! Let's get out of this horrid dump!" I confirm.

Gerard says that we need to sneak round to the back of school because there is an entrance there which nobody uses anymore. We walk to there, listening to Black Flag.

"So, um. We can chill at mine if you want. My parents are out at work." He says over Henry Rollins vocals.

I nod. "Sure, why not?"

Awesomely, he lives on the same street as me, just two doors down.

He uses a key from under a flowerpot to open the door. Gerard takes my hand and lets me in and I couldn't help but smile to myself.

"You want some coffee?" He asks, grinning because I was smiling.

I blush. "Um.. Sure."

Gerard laughs and drags me to the coffee machine. He lets go of my hand to make some coffee for us and we go to his bedroom.

His bedroom is actually amazing. It's in the basement and hardly any light even enters the room. He has posters all over his walls and some of his own art too. There are lyrics on a desk and more artwork. I look at some of the art on the desk. One of them is a young superhero flying through New York's streets.

"Gerard. These are.. amazing!" I say, looking over to him.

He runs a hand through his long, black hair. "Thanks."

You can hardly see in the light, but Gerard looks beautiful. He wears so much black smudgy eyeliner.

"You want to watch a movie or?" He asks.

"A Horror movie. See who gets scared first!"

We go through his collection and he picks out Night Of the Living Dead. I put the DVD in and we settle down on Gerard's bed.

Pretty soon, zombies are coming out of their graves and killing people. Oh god. So now, I may just be a bit scared and I think Gerard can tell.

"You got scared first." He whispered, brushing his lips against my ear.

Oh. So he's playing dirty then.

Suddenly, a zombie jumps onto the TV screen and I scream.

He pulls me closer to him, letting me snuggle in and we continue watching the film.

Gerard's POV.

I don't know if Frank knows, but I have feelings for him. He's the first boy I have done. I don't know wether I should be worried as I've always thought I was straight, but it's him. He's just so.. perfect. I kind of had feelings from the moment he sat on my table in Art. I don't know why he picked to sit on my table, he could of sat anywhere, but he came to mine. He has amazing hair. He is just beautiful.

Right now, he's snuggled into me, breathing slowly. It's just so cute.

Frank's POV.

I'm snuggled into Gerard and I'm loving it. He's like a pillow. Finally, the movie is nearly over. I don't really want to see any more people being mass killed.

The movie finishes and I breath a sigh of relief.

"Scaredey cat." Gerard teases.

I laugh. "Hey, shut up!" I give him a play punch.

There was an awkward silence before gerard's stomach finally broke it, rumbling.

"Let's go get some pizza!" He grins at me.

He tells me where the best place is, just past the main Belleville highway. The restuarant is named Luigi's. He hints that it should be a date. I agree, winking at him.

I'm going on a date with Gerard, to a Pizza place. He takes my hand and we walk out of his house, Gerard briefly letting go to lock up. We walk to the place, singing and laughing, belting out Misfits lyrics. This has got to be the happiest day of my life.

"I really like you, y'know.." He whispers.

Does he enjoy doing this? He keeps making me blush.

Gerard strokes my cheek with his free hand. "Cute."

Finally, Luigi's is in view and we walk in. The resturant is traditional looking, with wooden chairs and fiftee's music playing. A waitress comes up to us and welcomes us.

"Just a table for two?" She asks, staring at our entwined hands, eyes slightly wide.

"Yes. Please." Gerard mutters.

The waitress shows us to an outside table, split off from the rest of the restuarant.

"This is perfect," I say. "Thank you."

She passes us two menu's and takes our order for a Coke and Fanta. We sit down and smile.

The outside table is a small one with a red checkered table cloth on and a rosy pink flower in a pot with a lit candle next to it. Past the balcony, there was a river with beautiful blue sea. Gerard breaths in the air.

"So, which pizza you having?" He asks me.

"Well, I'm kind of like vegetarian, but it's more because I have all these allergies so I just class myself as it. It's confusing.." I explain, stuttering.

He nods, clearly understanding.

"So, I'll have a margaretia pizza, you?"

"Same, just to be cool!"

The pizza was amazing. It was the most amazing date ever. We walk back to school and meet Mikey at the school gates.

"Gerard! You know what Mom says about skipping school!" Mikey exclaims.

"Yeah I do, and I don't care." He says, rolling his eyes. "Anyway Mikey. This is Frank Iero. Frank, this is Mikey."

"Hey!" Mikey grins, giving me a hug.

The rest of the day went fast, but good from there and I went home smiling.
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