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Past and Present

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We learn about Lynn's past aswell as a suprising secret

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Authors Note: New chapter(yay) a fair warning, thier is sappyness and character may be OOC at a couple moments(but it's all in the name on fiction)

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans, but I do own my story and characters I create

"Atlanta..." A voice came from behind her door

"Come in" She said

The door opened, Lynn head poked through

"Hey, what's up?" Atlanta asked

"Do you mind if I talked to you for a moment?" she asked

"Not at all go, ahead" Atlanta had a smile on her face

"Ok, ummm, I think I should start from the beginning" Lynn said

Uh oh, this is going to long, what is she gonna talk about? Atlanta thought to herself

"Ok, well, I'm an orphan, as Archie may have told you, and the place that I lived until now was really nice. One day I asked the head person at the orphanage if she knew anything about my biological parents, she said that all that information, at the request of my parents, was to be kept a secret from me. I asked again quite a few times before she gave in." Lynn stopped and took in a deep breath "Well, she told me that my parents had given me to the orphanage was because they couldn't support me, because, when my biological mother was pregnant, she was only expecting one child, but instead, she had twins." She stopped again to let the information soak into Atlanta's head

Atlanta could figure out what was coming next

"Well, ummm, I think might be the other twin"

Atlanta was in shock, she never had any sibling, nor had she ever thought about it before.

"Wow," Atlanta responded "Is their any way to be sure"

"Their's DNA tests and stuff like that, but I don't know if you want to do that" Lynn continued to speak "It wasn't only that I thought we looked alike, but during gym class, I have never in my life found anyone who could keep up to my in a running race, let alone beat me, it was a shock"

Atlanta, don't entirly trust what she sais she thought to herself remember what Jay had said

"I was wondering if mabey, you could tell me about your parents?" Lynn said, a tear slowly ran down her cheek


"Come in" Atlanta called to the person knocking at the door

The door opened and revieled Theresa, Jay and Archie outside her room

"We where going to go hang out at the mall, you two wanna come?" Theresa asked

Atlanta looked at her bedside clock, she had been talking with Lynn for over three hours

"You wanna go" Atlanta asked Lynn

"Sure" she responded "Just let me get my jacket"

She walked down to her room

"So...what where you two talking about?" Archie asked

"Oh nothing" Atlanta had gotten of her bed where she was sitting and dug through her stuff to find her purse

"Wow, nothing sure takes a long time nowadays" Jay laughed

"Ok, ready to go?" Lynn came back with both jacket and purse in hand

"Yep" Theresa replied

They had made their walk to the garage where their variouse vihicles where, Harry's Truck, Odie's Vespa, Archie's motorcycle and Theresa's convertible. Archie had noticed that Atlanta and Lynn where still talking, he tried to get within eavsdroping distance but couldn't without being to obviouse.

"We should all be able to fit into my car" Theresa said

Jay took the front next to Theresa and Archie, Atlanta and Lynn took the back

Jeez, now they stop taking, now that I'm acctually within hearing distance Archie thougt to himself

Theresa and Jay talked the whole way, the back of the car stayed silent. When they got their, it took them just as long to find a parking spot as it did to acctualy drive their.

They got out of the car and proceded to the mall

"You guys wanna go to the food court first and get some dinner? I'm starved" Atlanta said

"Me too" Lynn added

They two only now realized that it was already five o'clock and they had missed lunch. On the way there, they fell behind a couple steps and started talking again. Archie was determained on finding out what about.
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