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Throw me a Bone Here

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Archie is being persistant

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"So many choises" Theresa said wile looking at all the food stands

"I think I'm going to the A&W to grab a burger" Atlanta said walking towards the kiosk

"I'm gonna head to the sushi stand" Lynn added

"I'm come with" Archie said following her

"What about you?" Theresa looked at Jay

"I was thinking pasta" Jay said looking out at the food court

"Mind if I share with you, I'm not that hungrey" she simled

"Sure" they walked to the italien food stand


"So, what where you taking about when you where in Atlanta's room" Archie asked after ordering two tuna rolls

"Nothing really out-of-the-ordinary" Lynn answered back playfully

"Oh come on, you guys have been driving me crazy with your giggling and whispering" Archie said

"What's up?" Atlanta asked s she joined them as they left the sushi stand

"Archie's tweeked" Lynn said

"I am not" Archie argued

"By the sound of it, I think you are" Atlanta laughed "Anyway, what about"

"He wants to know what we've been talking about" Lynn said dipping her sushi into her soy sauce

"Hey guys" Jay and Theresa had sat down with them after getting their spagetti, and then proptly sat down not really paying attention to the other three

"Wow, Archie, I'm impressed, you've acctualy refrained from eavesdroping" Atalnta said

Archie blushed a little, but nither of the girls had noticed, he had indeed tried, but was un succesful

All three where now looking at Theresa and Jay, they had both tried to eat the same noodle and had ended up like that old Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp.

"Wanna hit the stores?" Atlanta asked the other two

"Sure, do you mind if we stop of at the Swim co? I need some new board shorts" Lynn asked

"Shopping, yay, fun" Archie mumbled

"If you don't like shopping..." Lynn started

"Why'd you bother to come" Atlanta finished

The two girls burst out into laughter

Whoa, creepy much Archie thought


"What do you think about these ones" Lynn asked showing Atlanta a pair of blue shorts

"No" Atlanta said firmly

"These?" Lynn showed her a pair of green ones

"Defiantly!" she responded

"Cool, I'll go try them on" she walked to the change room

"Atlanta please? You've gotta throw me a bone here" Archie begged

"Wow, it's not like you to beg, this must really be bugging you" Atlanta was enjoying the power she held over Archie at the moment "The shorts look great" she added as Lynn came out of the change room

"Cool, I'm going to get them" She said as she walked back into the change room

She walked back out moments later in her regular jeans

"Is he still complaining?" Lynn asked

"Yep" Atlanta responded

"Should we tell'm" She asked

"Sure why not" Atlanta called Archie over from the guy's swimsuit section

"Archie, do our belief, and knowledge" Atlanta said

"We're identical twins" Lynn finished

"Ok then, wow, that hits you like a ton of bricks" Archie scratched the back of his head "are you sure?" he added

"Not one hundred percent" Atlanta told him

They told him Lynn's story about the orphanage


"Hmmm, this gives me an idea" Cronus said while looking into one of his portals

Authors Note: dum, dum, dum, gonna end the chapter here, i hope to update soon
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