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We'll bury our heads down beneath the old oak tree

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X-men/My Chemical Romance crossover *partly auditioned* When Mikey and Gerard find themselves in a troublesome situation, will Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters be able to help?

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Hello! This is my first story of this sight so please be nice :)
I was going to put a different one up that another author had given me but I finished this one first.

It's set in the X-Men universe before the films and before people knew of the mutants,

No ones answered my beta call yet and I really want this up ASAP so I'll put up the unedited version but the space is still open :) just send me an email.


Nine year-old Mikey Way stood frozen in the doorway of his New Jersey home. His eyes fixed ahead at the sight of his father, kicking and screaming as two uniformed men dragged him across the front yard. Next to him, Mikey's Mother let out a blood-curdling scream that raised the hairs of his arms. Don Way struggled against the walls of muscle surrounding him and his face flickered; granting a small glimpse of his bare, white skull.

Mikey's older brother and best friend, Gerard, attempted to restrain their forlorn Mother who was sobbing violently and reaching for her husband only to be dragged back by another black-clad mountain. The officer raised his hand at the broken woman and swung it down, the connection ringing out.
Gerard's eyes grew dark as he turned and lept onto the man's broad shoulders, clawing at his face.
Where their skin touched, ugly blisters erupted before the officer's skin began to split and melt, dropping from his face in gooey lumps.

Mikey stared in horror at his brother: who didn't even look like the cheery child he had once been. The whites of his eyes glowing in the early light, his teeth suddenly wickedly sharp.

"Forget the Guy!" A voice sounded from the distance, "Take the kids!"

A gunshot sounded, snapping everyone's attention to the front yard. To where Don Way was crumpling to the floor: the contents of his skull painting the emerald grass.

Mikey screamed. And for the first time that night he took action, screeching like a banshee he ran onto the grass, crimson blood squelching between his toes, he nimbly lept over his father's body and jumped the shooter.
The nine year old was thin and scrawny; but he clawed at the man's stubbly face with his bitten nails. White hot rage bubbled in his stomach, turning his vision red while he scraped at the burley man's skin.

Strong hands clamped down on Mikey's shoulders before he felt a blunt force at the base of his skull.
The pain reverberated down the young boy's spin and up into his head, his vision blurred and hands ceased their scrabbling.

The last thing Mikey heard before blacking out was his own brother's animalistic growls.

Six years later

The cell was bleak and boring with its white-washed walls and fluorescent lighting. Gerard curled up on his single bed and rocked back and forth, soaking the sheets with his tears.

Mikey will be okay, he told himself, The wouldn't hurt him too bad, he just a kid!

Just moments after thinking this, the large steel door creaked open and Mikey's thin figure was shoved in, the door swung shut behind him.

"Mikey!" Gerard cried. He leapt from the bed and rushed to his brother. When the brown haired boy finally rolled onto his back, Gerard gasped. Mikey's face was littered with larger purple bruises, one eye swollen shut and the other a worrying milky colour. "Oh god! Oh god oh god oh god!" The elder Way sibling enveloped the other into a hug, sobbing violently.

"G-Gee.." Mikey croaked, his throat sore from screaming, "they... S-said they were l-letting... Us go," at this Gerard's worried expression turned to shock.

"What?! Why?" Mikey didn't have an answer. Apparently, the man who had been the cause of both boy's torture for the past six years had told Mikey of their release, claiming they weren't needed.

"I hope to God it's true" Gerard mumbled.

For the next few days it seemed that they had been forgotten about. The two brothers went their day as usual; eating in the prison-esque canteen with other kids they were forbidden to talk to, showing the men in the lab coats their ability progress and sleeping in their uncomfortable beds, but they weren't beaten either. The idea of being released seemed like a dream.
Soon after Mikey's last beating, he claimed to have blurry vision in one eye and after a trip to the brutal nurse, she diagnosed him as partially blind. He'd cried himself to sleep that night.


The clanging of metal woke Mikey from his restless sleep. He groaned slightly and forced open his heavy eyelids, granted by the usual partly fuzzy sight.

A dark figure appeared in his clearer vision and he bolted upright. The stranger was tall and slim with wild, brown hair and a ragged eyepatch. He advanced towards the bunk and pulled Gerard from the top, throwing him to the door and motioning for Mikey to follow.
The three walked through the eerily silent halls for what seemed hours, passing locked doors and barred cells, before they reached an open door leading to the cold outdoors. Mikey's heart clenched at the thought of stepping outside again and the young boy felt for his brothers hand.
The eye patched man kept silent as the younger boys stepped out into fresh air for the first time in six years. He led them to a van parked outside the grey building and shoved the into the back, despite the pained cries.

Once the stranger had slipped into the drivers seat and locked the doors, he spoke for the first time;

"They may have let you go, but you are far from forgotten to them. I'll drive you two to New York but after that you're on your own. Just remember," he added, his voice throaty and harsh, "Trust no one. Now keep down"

As the van bumped down uneven roads and threw the pair about, Mikey clutched onto Gerard's white uniform for dear life.

"What will we do?" He asked, one of his small thirteen year old eyes bright with unshed tears, the other dull and grey.

"I don't....." A sudden memory resurfaced in Gerard's mind, "Do you remember Ray, Mikey? He was my friend in middle school. Do you remember that he had to leave? He transferred to another school in New York."

"Yeah I remember. The one with the big Afro." A small smile curve Mikey's chapped lips, "what about him?"

"Well... He was like Dad and us Mikes. He could do strange things.... Like heal people and this school is for people like us. We'll go there; see if they'll take us. Don't worry Mikey Mouse, We'll make it someday."

Unseen by the two young boys, the stranger smiled a familiar close mouthed smile. The hazy memory playing in his minds eye.

Oh, how he missed those days.

Thank you for reading :) please R&R, I'll love you for life :D

This chapter is just to set the scene and give you a bit of info, more interesting in the next chapter,

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