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You sold my heart down the river

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The Way brothers arrive at Xavier's and are invited to stay.

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I'll try to keep a close to the story lines of existing characters as I can but love interests may make that difficult :s

It was the early hours of the morning and George Hawkins was wandering the halls of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, as what had become his routine. It had been the same as the past few weeks; the dream woke him at one and, unable to sleep, he stalked the halls for hours and hoped for it to happen.

An today it did.

As he was passing the entrance doors a quiet, hesitant knocking had him flinging them open. Standing on the porch, wearing matching white uniforms were two young boys. Just like in the vision. They were dirty, scared and clinging to each other for dear life.
George's chest surged with sympathy. He knew not of what torture they had been through, only that it was so horrendous even Magneto himself would have trouble dealing.

The shorter but eldest of the two looked George straight in the eyes as he opened his mouth to speak,

"E-excuse me, sir. Is this Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters?" His voice was hoarse and dry, as if he hasn't used it in a while. The teacher shivered.

"Hello there, yes this is Xavier's. Please, come in out of the cold, I've been expecting you," He beckoned them through. The younger began to step foreword but his brother stopped him, "don't worry, you're safe now, this School is full of people like us: Mutants,"


The plush chair was soothing under his bruised flesh and Mikey was glad of it. He felt comfortable in the mahogany panelled walls of the Headmaster's office. Gerard was the polar opposite. His back was stiff and upright, his fists clenched and his angular face grim. Ever since the two had been locked up in the Asylum Gerard had been sceptical, he believed that everyone had an ulterior motive.
Mikey sighed at his brother, these people were clearly on their side. Though it was slightly disturbing the way the bald, wheelchair-bound man stared at them from the other side of the table.

A few moments later and the large door to the office opened and George entered, followed by a woman. She was tall and curvaceous with stark white hair, icy blue eyes and mocha skin. Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm.

"Well," Charles Xavier began, "Judging by what you've told me it would be safest to stay here. George and Ororo will see to it you are assigned rooms and enrolled in classes tomorrow." And with that he turned and wheeled himself out.


After leaving the office, Mikey had left with Mr. Hawkins while Miss. Munroe lead Gerard down a series of winding, dark corridors. She was dressed in pyjama bottoms, a vest top and her white hair was tied up messily. But she still managed to look breathtaking.

All too soon they arrived at a hall of doors, stopping at the third one on the left. Gerard felt himself grow nervous when Ororo knocked loudly on the dorm room door.
After a few moments the door opened to a tall, broad shouldered guy with blonde hair and scruff. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and straightened his T-shirt when he realised who was at the door.

"St- I mean miss Munroe! Um.... What is it?" His voice was surprisingly soft, not menacing as Gerard had been expecting.

"Hey, Bob. This is Gerard, he and his brother have just arrived. He'll be your new room mate for a while, make him welcome and bring him to my class tomorrow" she turned to Gerard and smiled, "Bob will take care of you. Now, get some sleep boys." She ruffled the elder Way's hair and crept silently down the hall.

Gerard's heart was thumping with nerves and he was positive this Bob guy could hear it. He turned slowly towards his new roommate and gave a half hearted smile. Bob said nothing. He simply grunted and returned to his bed.
Before climbing into his own twin bed, Gerard studied the small dorm room. He thought he could make out a photo frame resting face down on the bed side table of Bob's bed but it was too dark to be certain.
Climbing into his new bed and cocooning himself in the sheets, Gerard couldn't help but wonder what Mikey was doing.


Meanwhile, George was leading Mikey in a different direction. Up stairs, around corners, passing door by door. George was asking questions the whole journey an attempting to learn more of the skinny boy.
Mikey stayed silent.
The corridors seemed endless before they reached a dorm similar to the one Gerard had become a resident of. George knocked. No answer.
The black haired mutant took a silver key from his pocket and slid it into the lock.
He opened the door to an empty room. The lights were off but the unmade twin bed was empty.
George frowned and pursed his lips.

"Hmm... Ray should be here. Curfew was a couple hours ago and he's not one to break it..." Lifting a hand to rub his unshaven face, George turned to Mikey. The boy was straight faced and silent, not even his breathing made a sound. "This'll be your room from now on. Take the other bed and make yourself at home, I'll bring some clothes that will fit in the morning. Goodnight Mikey... Now to find Ray" The elder man shut the door again, Mikey could hear his footsteps retreating.

Not bothering to change, Mikey slipped beneath the cold sheets and wrapped the around him, much like his brother was doing at that very moment. Unable to hold the surge of misery, he let a tear slide from his eye. And another. And another. And another until they were coming in waves. He wanted his brother.
Gerard always gave the best hugs.

So that's the next chapter! Hope you like it :)

Oh! And AtomicKilljoy? What do you want George's hero name to be?

Also, I was thinking about it and I like the idea of this as an original story as well. Obviously I'd use different characters that I already have thought out and the story line will be quite different, so it won't have anything to do with xmen. But I just wanted to know if you would mind if I based characters off your auditioned ones?
Flash xx
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