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Wakka reflects on why Lulu could never love him.

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It hurt everytime he looked at her, her crimson eyes seemed to scorch through the fabric of his soul, her body language taunted him. She'd roll her eyes at the stupid things he'd say when he tried to comfort her. If only he wasn't so afraid to touch her, even letting his hand rest on her bare shoulder almost seemed forbidden.

Pale skin and amethyst lips haunted his subconscious. Many times he imagined what it would be like if she was his, all his. He imagined her under him calling his name aganist his chest. He'd bite softly at her neck making her gasp, she'd moan as he'd push into her harder, and he would whisper into her ear as her lips explored every inch of his body.

He let his mind regretfully move back to reality, she stood with her back turned aganist him and her arms folded across her chest. Insulting him as usual, he'd didn't mind though - sometimes he'd crack a grin whenever she did this, that alone was enough to get her going on about how immature he was.

He resisted the urge to just ravish her right there. Half of him wanted to so badly, the need to feel her love him was so strong. The other half resisted keeping his feet frozen to the ground.

Don't be so stupid...he scolded himself.

Even if he did have her in his arms whenever he pleased, she really wouldn't love him. Everytime they'd make love, she'd be replacing Wakka with someone else. The other man's name on her lips, everytime he'd hold her close she'd imagine someone else's embrace.

No he couldn't love her like that, she'd be using him without ever really knowing. He gave up and stalked away, away from her presence and away from that man's eyes. For now all he had was his subconscious dreams that would keep her in his arms until daybreak.

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