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I dunno what to call this chapter..

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Eh... I'm confused..

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So,I have no idea what I'm gonna talk about with you guys.
I know!
I'll rate the hottness level of all of My Chem in diffrent eras!

Cue angels singing around my awesome thinking

So let us begin shall we?


Gee:In the honey music vid I was like

'Who is that handsome male with that mic'

Then I learned his name.
I fangirled over him.

Mikey:He was ok i guess



Three cheers For Sweet Revenge:

Gee:He looked HOT!

gee:I know

me: sigh

Mikey:Looked quite good looking,I'd say..

Frank:He looked hot too!

Ray:Ok i guess

Bob:Ok i guess

Black Parade:

Gee:Still hot

Mikey:Very hot

gee:Excuse me? tapping foot

me:Nothing,Gee.Now go back to drinking your coffee or reading comics or whatever you were doing.


Sorry bout that guys,he gets really jelous sometimes.

gee:I DO NOT!

Anyway where was I?

Right I got this now..

Frank:Kinda hot yet SUPER energetic.
Tried to copy him once in the Welcome To The Black Parade music video once.
Didn't go down well.

Ray:Looked like bob marley with a afro.So Ok.

Bob:Iffy.Just iffy.

Danger Days:

Gee:very very hot indeed.Sassy too.

Mikey:Hot.Just hot.

Frank:good-looking.VERY good-looking.


Plus,in case you are wondering.
I like Ray.
It's just..
I don't find him good-looking.
He looks like a brother to me.

I wanted to talk about something else.
Oh yeah.
My next fic.
No one wanted to be Gee's Gf's sister so I shall edit myself in there.
And the parents,I'll make up.

Right.It's late.
Any last reviews?


XXX Sadie xxx
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