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My dream..

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Hey guys.. Today imma describe one of my dreams.. It's PG-13 cuz theres uh..... Yeah.. Just read it.You'll find out.

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Hello you beautiful minds!
Right,I've just read a short story about a dream involving Mikey Way.
It gave me an idea..
So,i'm typing up my own dream,involving Gerard.
There's a bit of smut in there.
Well,he IS my imaginary boyfriend.
What'd you expect?
Right,let us begin.

I awaken in a dark room,on a bed.
The bedroom door opens and Gerard walks in.
He looks just like he did in the Revenge era.
He came over and sat on the bed next to me.
He said he loved me.
(at this point I thought 'HELL YEAH!')
He then kissed me.
(again,score for me!)
And then he took his clothes off
And then had sex with me
(I have a seriously dirty mind for a 13 year old..but oh well)

2 hours later..

Both of us laying in bed.
Both naked.
He asked me to marry me.
I said sure
Then he made out with me.
I felt something in the back of my throat in reality.
No lie.I did.
I thought:
'OMG,I feel his tongue down my throat!Or his..'
That was my dream.

More hell awaits me..
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