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just a fic that I read a minute ago.. plus talking about MY fics..

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(I told you,I wanted to be mentally retarded at the start of 2013)
I just read an AWESOME (emphasis on the AWESOME) Fic!
It was by Hozzie (but on her other account)
It's called 'My Little Girl'

The Linky-dink (yes,more mentally-retarded me)is HERE:

Hozzie,you just earned a place on...

Sadie's Ficwaddle hall o' fame!

cue fanfare,cheering,confetti all that jazz

Also,I've written a few Ficcys of my own.
I know most of you are currently reading Cruise Control.
(you:yes I am how did you know!
me:I'm a stalker -shifty eyes-)

If you wanna read 'em,check mah profile.

(If you don't know how to get to my profile by now,you are SLOW!
all ya gottado,is click my name!)

Also,rate and review my fics too!
I need people to reply too!
All my fics,other than Cruise Control and this,are completed..


SEE YA LATER!!!!!!!!

xx Sadie xx

(gives you a cookie cuz I'm that nice)
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