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My day

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just an update on my day today..

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mad wave

ok,so i'mma tell ya about my day.

So,I woke up at about 10:00am in my timezone (Britain)

I laid in bed for about nearly 2hours,doing nothing,just talkin' to myself.

Then,I went downstairs with my laptop,headphones and my big blanket,for a nice,quiet day..

My younger cousins came over,so I had to turn my laptop and phone off for 2 hours.


So,anyways,I put Kerrang! TV on and none other than Marilyn Manson came on TV.
My 7 year old cousin was freaked out,and so was I.

Then,I listened to My Chem.
My 7 year old cousin and 8 year old cousin listened with me.

So,I got up a picture of them and introduced them.
We then played a game,pretending MCR were our boyfriends and we'd just escaped from the evil clutches of Marilyn Manson.
I had Mikey,my 8 year old cousin Amelia had Gerard and my other cousin Courtney had Frankie.

So,after they'd left,I went back on my laptop.
My stepdad came home from work.
I silently hoped he'd got me the new issue of Kerrang! magazine.
Then,my parents went out for about 20 minutes.
My brother then went out,and has just come back with like 5 of his friends.
They went upstairs.

My dog's gone somewhere.
Where'd he go?

Going to go look for him.

See ya guys..

xxx Sadie xxx
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