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Talking to myself..

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Yet another convo with Revenge Gerard,my imaginary boyfriend.. I really need to get a life..

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You have just entered theatre numer 1.
The movie is the recent edition of my online diary.
This edition is called Talking to myself.

Gerard:What are you doing?



Me:Cuz I can.

3 hours later

Gerard:What are you doing?


Gerard:What stuff?

Me:Just stuff.

Gerard:Ok then.

And with that the movie has ended.
Hope you enjoyed.
Rated B for BORING!
Sorry,I had to do that as an intro...
Here's my real topic:Family.

We all got one...
We either love 'em or hate 'em.
So here are the reasons why I love and hate my family.

1.They are just annoying at times.

First off,my mum constantly needs to know what I am doing in my room.
Most of the time I am on youtube.
Or,writing fanfics.
Or,listening to music

Otherwise known as:Having no life.

Mum:What are you watching on youtube,Bun?
Me:Nothing much,just stuff..

(You wanna know what I watch..
Destroya-Live in Paris (La Cigale)
Watch it.It is good!)

I just did you a solid there guys.
You'll thank me later.

Mum:What are you writing in your fics Bun?
Me:Nothing much.

(Ok,In my fics (If you haven't read 'em already) There's some smut.SOME.)

Mum:What music are you listening to Bun?
Me:The usual.

(You know what I listen to mum.My Chem.That is ALL I listen to)

2.Someone is constantly walking down the hallway at an inapropriate time.

Now,I sometimes play the Destroya live in Paris vid (as I mention above) a couple THOUSAND times.
Now,it is addictive shit,I tell ya.
And,cuz I talk to myself alot (again,cuz I got no life) I say the following things during that video:



and so on,so forth.

Now,at this time,sometimes my family is walking down the hallway.
So,they can hear me.
You catch my drift?

reasons why I love my family:

1.They give me food.

Do I really need to explain this?

Nope.I don't.

2.They are supportive.

Now,when I was depressed and stuff,I never really told anybody.
I just bottled up my feelings.
Even when I cut,I never told anybody.
But,my older sister (who doesn't live with me,cuz she has a family of her own) caught me cutting one day and she made me tell my mum about it.
She was fine with it,she told me it'd be ok.
I don't cut anymore.
I'm still sometimes a bit suicidal,but My Chem help me.
All I gotta do is put on Famous Last Words and really listen to it.
The last time I did this (New Years Eve) I looked at my Black Parade poster.
I looked at all of My Chem's faces,through my tears.
I could hear Gerard's voice.
It felt like he was singing to me.
Telling me it'll be ok,that it'll get better.
I believed him.
I felt my tears drying up.
He'd saved my life.

That is the reasons why I love my family (and hate them at times too)

I've typed to much.
I need to read fics.


xxx Sadie xxx
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