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Ugh birthdays..

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the title says it all..

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Hey guys.
It's 12 am where I am.
A new day.
2 birthdays today.

First,it's my baby cousin's 1st birthday.
So,we'll probably be going out today.
I'm gunna take my headphones,in case I get bored..
Unless we go to Krazy Kaves (an indoor play place thing where I live and where my sister and baby cousin go regularly while I'm at school with my mum)
Then I can't take my headphones.

Second it's my brother's birthday.
I got no idea how old he is...
Mum is gonna make us go out for dinner with him,his girlfriend and his kids.
I don't wanna go.
Mum will probably say "it's your brother's birthday though".
To be honest,mum,I don't wanna wait 4 fucking years for my food to arrive.
I'd rather just have a quickie dinner at home,that just takes 10 minutes or so,then chilling out with my laptop and my music.

Is that too much to ask for?

I just hate going out for dinners because you have to act normal.

Other than that,I'mma have a good time today.
Before heading back into that hell-hole we call school..

xxx Sadie xxx
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