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Chapter Two

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"The girl from the walls!"

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[A/N] - Is anyone going to the Blackout signing in Birmingham? I tried ringing HMV to learn more about it but the woman I spoke to was not helpful O.O She must've thought I was an idiot 3: Which is why I avoid talking to strangers... So yeah, I'm still confused about it and dunno if I need to buy a copy of the album on the day or if I could just take like a poster?:L

The others arrived and all of them started dragging boxes into the house "Why are we having a welcome party on the day that we arrive anyway?" Amy asked as she picked up a heavy box "Wouldn't it make sense to have the party once we've already unpacked?"

"Well they're here now, not much we can do about it." Mikey shrugged his shoulders "Oh they left some old furniture here. It must've belonged to the old family."

"We can move it in a couple of weeks." Amy shrugged her shoulders "Let's focus on this party first."

"Okay, let's start cooking then!" Mikey said, finding the box labelled 'Party' and starting to bring food out. Amy sent the kids upstairs to unpack their stuff while the others set up sleeping bags and mattresses because it was too far for them to all travel back that night so they'd all have to stay.

"Seriously, I can't find any signal out here!" Vikki moaned, waving her mobile around frantically "Why did you think it was a good idea to move here?"

"Come on Vikki, we're gonna be so happy here." Amy said, stroking her eldest daughters hair.

Vikki nodded and smiled weakly "I know we are Mom."

But when Vikki was gone, Amy sighed and turned back to Mikey "I still don't know what we're doing here. This isn't us Mikey."

"It could be though. We'll get used to it Amy, I promise." Mikey said, putting his hands on shoulders.

"Alright, fine." Amy sighed and walked to the bottom of the stairs "Quinton, are you definitly unpacking?" She knew Vikki had gone to help Taylor and Mia was with them. It was Quinton who'd be slacking off.

"Yeah Mom, I am." Quinton called back, not looking up from his Nintendo DS. He couldn't be bothered to start unpacking just yet.

He jumped when his wardrobe door cracked open a little. He put the DS down "Hello?" He whispered "Hello?"

The door opened even further and a small red ball came bouncing out. Quinton caught the ball, glanced at it and looked back at the wardrobe "Hey, it's okay. You can come out." He threw the ball lightly back into the wardrobe and stood up. The ball was suddenly thrown back to him quite forcefully "Cool." Quinton laughed as he caught it.

"Hey Mikey, look at this." Gerard yelled from the hallway.

Mikey went down to the hallway and looked at what Gerard was pointing out "Amy, come here!" He called.

Amy ran down the hallway and found what he was looking at. Someone had written 'Get out!' in what appeared to be blood. Mikey rubbed his finger against the 'G' and breathed a sigh of relief "It's just crayon." He rolled his eyes "Vikki's too old for Crayon's, Taylor's too young. Quinton's the only one who has any. Quinton!" Quinton came running down the stairs "Quinton, you wanna explain this?"

Quinton looked at the red writing on the wall, his eyes widening "That wasn't me!"

"Then who would it have been?"

"The girl from the walls!" Quinton cried "She talked to me! She told me her name is Lucy Carton and that she lives here. She doesn't like grown-ups so she wants all of you to go and for you to stay here."

"Quinton, don't bother lying." Mikey said, shaking his head in disbelief.

"I'm not!"

"Go to your room!"

"But I can stop this!"

"Go!" Amy yelled.

Quinton kicked the wall and made his way towards the stairs "Is there anyone in this house who will believe me?"

"Go! Now."
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