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Chapter Three

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"Hey, look what I found in the attic."

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"Hey, look what I found in the attic." Frank said, coming down the stairs.

"What were you doing in the attic?" Penina asked him, raising her eye-brows.

"Just putting some boxes in there and stuff." Frank replied, rolling his eyes "Anyway I found this old diary belonging to some girl called Rebecca Carton."

"Ooh I wanna read it." Penina said, taking it off of him.


"I dunno. Old stuff interests me." Penina said, shrugging her shoulders and walking away with the diary to read it.

"Weird." Frank smiled fondly, shaking his head and going off to find Gerard.

Quinton sulked in his room wondering if Lucy would come back. He could ask her why she wanted his parents to leave so badly. And he could get her to come downstairs and tell them or something. But she didn't come back. He sighed, wondering if he'd made it all up, and pulled out his Nintendo DS.

"This is such a nice house!" Raven said, looking around "We should move to the country."

"No chance." Ray replied, putting his arm around her "It is a nice house though. How much did you buy it for?"

"None of your business." Amy smiled, handing out plates of food "Quinton! Taylor! Vikki! Mia! Dinner's ready."

Footsteps came clattering down the stairs and all four of them appeared in the kitchen "Quinton, you can take this up to your room for writing on the wall." Mikey said, handing him a plate.

"But it wasn't me!" Quinton moaned.

"Stop lying and go upstairs." Amy said firmly.

Quinton groaned and went back upstairs. Mia was confused "I don't get it, what did Quinton do?"

"Just ignore it Mia." Frank said, ruffling her hair happily "Alright, let's play a game!"

Around midnight that night they all decided to go to sleep. Mia was sleeping in Taylor's room, Quinton in his, Vikki in hers, Mikey and Amy in a double bed upstairs and everyone else was on a mattress in the living room. Vikki was still wide awake, her eyes open in the dark as she laid back in her bed still trying to get a phone signal. She reached her hand out and felt something soft "Oh Buster, I hate it here too." She sighed "We'll get used to it eventually though." She felt something wet against her fingers and pulled away "Eww Buster, what the hell is wrong with you?"

Vikki heard something just outside the door and sat up slowly. It sounded like the scrabbling of pawprints. Suddenly her door opened a fraction and Buster came scampering into the room. Vikki's eyes widened and she turned to the thing that had been licking her fingers. She saw a girl about her age get up and run into the wardrobe. Vikki opened her mouth and started screaming.
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