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Chapter Six

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"I don't think she's ever seen sunlight."

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"Where is everyone?" Raven asked as she made it outside. She was the last one to run out of the house.

"They're hiding." Ray replied. He'd waited for Raven to come outside.

"Alright, go and find them. We're just gonna have to run for it." Raven told him "She managed to pass the circle of salt so she can't be a ghost. Which means she's just human. Maybe its that girl who's diary Penina found."

"Talk to her about it, I have no idea about all this stuff!" Ray smiled "I'll go find the others."

He ran off and came back with Vikki, Amy, Mikey, Penina and Frank "The others went round there." Frank said "Guys! We're leaving now!"

Taylor, Mia, Veronica and Gerard came round the corner "Where's Quinton?" Amy asked, her eyes widening.

Veronica's eyes widened too "I thought he was with you!"

"The girl in the walls got Quinton!" Taylor shrieked, starting to cry. Gerard picked her up.

"Quinton!" Amy yelled "Quinton! We're going home now! Come on out!" Quinton didn't appear "Quinton!" She burst into tears "She got my baby! She got my baby!"

"Hey, it's gonna be okay..." Mikey told her, putting his arms around her "We'll find Quinton, I promise."

"I have an idea about who this girl is." Penina said "You know that girl Rebecca who hung herself in the attic? She had a daughter. She goes on and on about pregnant in here. How ashamed she is."

"Why is she so ashamed of being pregnant?" Raven asked.

"Who cares?" Amy yelled.

"Look, why don't you guys go and hide in the shed?" Mikey asked "It'll be safe in there. Go on." Nearly everyone ran off to the shed except for Mikey, Raven, Penina, Gerard and Ray "Anyway Penina, what were you saying?"

"She was ashamed because her Dad kept calling her a dirty slut and said she'd lock the kid up somewhere that no one would ever find it."

"Why would he be so angry about it?" Ray asked. Penina raised her eye-brows "... Oh My God that's disgusting."

"So the baby Daddy was the Daddy?" Raven shuddered "So then Rebecca hung herself because she was so ashamed... And then the Dad locked Lucy inside the house but she got out and killed him? And now she's trying to kill us."

"She's been locked in that room her whole life?" Mikey asked, feeling kind of sorry for her.

"When I was running out, I turned around and shone a torch on her face." Raven said "She screamed and ranaway. The look in her eyes... I don't think she's ever seen sunlight."

"Poor girl." Ray sighed "But she's barely human anymore. We only have one choice. It's either kill her or we get killed. We need to find Quinton."

"Okay, I have an idea where to start." Raven said "Gerard, come with me."
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