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Chapter Eight

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"I think I know where Quinton is though."

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Raven knocked three times on the door to the shed "Guys, it's me."

They let her inside "Where's Gerard?" Veronica asked "Where is he?"

"Did you get Quinton?" Amy asked, standing up.

"I didn't get Quinton." Raven whispered "And... Gerard's outside."

"Well why doesn't he come inside?"

Raven sighed and ran her fingers through her hair "Because I kind of had to drag him out."

Everyone was silent before Mikey asked "A-Are you saying he's dead?"

"No, of course she's not saying that." Veronica said quickly "You're not saying that, are you?"

Raven took a deep breath "We ummm... We were in the walls and she attacked. I shouldn't have left him by himself. I'm so sorry."

Veronica burst into tears and Mikey put his arms around her. Raven ran her fingers through her hair "I think I knew where Quinton is though."

"I'm coming with you." Ray said. Raven was past arguing and let him follow her through back into the house.

Mikey went and hugged Amy who was sobbing too now "Amy, it's gonna be okay, we're gonna get Quinton back and we're gonna get out of here."

"Why does this keep happening to us?" Amy sobbed "We're good people, right?"

"Look, what happened to Katie was terrible." Mikey whispered "But we're gonna save Quinton. I promise."

"No I mean it makes sense. She kills my husbands brother then she kills my son. Perfect."

Penina took Frank to one side "Who's Katie?"

"She was their eldest daughter." Frank replied "She died in a car accident a few years ago which is just about when their marraige problems started."

"Oh my God, that's awful." Penina said, her hand going to her mouth "Aww."

"Hey." Penina said, running into the kitchen where Ray and Raven were "I wanted to help."

"Great." Raven smiled "I was thinking. Lucy's spent her whole life locked in the house, I mean her Dad slash Grandad had to feed her somehow. And I'm assuming he used this." She pointed to the wall. There were faint lines revealling a large square in the wall "I noticed it earlier but didn't say anything. This is an old house so that's probably a dumwaiter. Which is how he would've sent food down to her."

"Alright." Ray went into the living room and returned with Quinton's baseball bat and started whacking at the wall til it crumbled away and revealled an empty space in the walls. Raven climbed inside and started making her way down.

"Quinton?" She called when she made it down there "Quinton?"

She heard a muffled noise and crawled towards it, shining her torch in that direction. She found Quinton tied up, picked up a knife that was left lying on the ground and cut his hands free. He pulled his gag off and untied his ankles "Quick, we need to get out of here before he comes back." Quinton hissed, crawling out of the hole and towards the dumwaiter.

"He?" Raven repeated.

Quinton looked at her like it was obvious "Her brother!"
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