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Calmed down a bit..

by MCR-99 2 reviews

I'm happy a little bit now..

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Alright,so I've calmed down a little bit.
Also,I heard Mikey's divorcing Alicia.

Sorry for that notice,I'm getting on with what I really wanna say.

I'm opening a little helpline thing for my blog.
I love you guys,and hate so see you upset.

So,if you ever wanna tell me something that upsets you,review my blog.
I'll put all questions for help into the next part of the helpline and I'll post my answer.
It can be about anything.
School,the current drama going on,suicide.
Anything,there is nothing you can't tell me.

I love you guys so much and I can't bear to see you upset.

So hit me with your problems.

xoxo Sadie
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