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Great,just FUCKING great! ¬-¬

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I'm fucked.

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God Fucking Damn It!

So,it seems this MCR Mikey drama has spread to Facebook.
Guess who'll get trashed at school tommorrow for the stupid 'cut4Mikey'?

You see,nearly all of my year group are on Facebook.
No,the whole lot of them are on Facebook.All the fucking time.
They'll end up looking at this and they'll think this:

"Oh,yeah!Sadie likes this band,she's become an emo again!"

Fucking hell,I'm screwed.

I'm not trashing Mikey.

I'm just shocked that he cheated.

You know him and that Sarah chick were dating since Christmas right?


That is mean't to be a happy occasion,to spend with family!
Not go off and cheat!

Enough Sadie.*

Gerard,where the fuck have you been?

buying pickles

Why were you --?
The tweet you did about pickles.

Did I miss anything?

I nearly fucking cried because of the Mikey thing.

Wow.Shook you that hard huh?

No shit,sherlock.

. . . . . . . . .

I feel pretty bad for Alicia,guys.I mean,they had the 'Forever' tattoos.
I wonder how she is doing right now..

She is either:

a)Curled up in a ball on the sofa,sobbing and eating ice-cream.
(I mean,I wouldn't blame her.I do the exact same thing.)


b)Staying at Lyn-z and Gerard's place,with Lyn-Z plotting to kill that Sarah chick,and Gerard plotting to pelt Mikey with pickles.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Oh yeah.
I'm sorry I haven't updated my fic today,my mind has been wrecked because of Mikey and Alicia.
I'll update tommorrow,I promise.

(Hopefully my writers block is gone then..)

Oh yeah,that chick who wrote Amy that mean review?

She'll prove you wrong,one day she WILL meet Mikey,and you'll be stood there with this expression on your smug little face.


yes,you are gonna look like that.

So,you got any problems you wanna share with me?
I'll be kind to you.
Wait,I already am!
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