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Update on my cousin.

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I heard this news about my cousin today,so I'm sharing it.

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So first off,one of my reviewers told me why some of the chapters in my blog are rated -1 for OOC and Boring.

Yeah,I know my grammar sucks a bit during my blog.I understand that.But the reason why it's bad is because it's my personal life,and I don't wanna use perfect grammar ALL THE TIME.Just a couple of times.Also,this is mean't to be humorous,and what writing comic genious uses the best grammar every fucking day?

You know what,don't answer that.
Loads of writing geniuses use awesome grammar.

Thank you for being kind,FlatlineProductions.


Second notice.
Now,remember what I told you about my cousin yesterday,about when he had a fit and the ambulances came?
He's been taken to hospital.
It's his 4th birthday today,and he is spending it in Southampton General Hospital.
Well,he did fall off the kitchen counter at his house,and that could have bought on the epilecptic fit.
I found this out today,from my stepdad.
I hope he gets better soon,I care about him.

Third note.
I updated the next chapter of YCRAWMAYW.(You Can Run Away With Me Anytime You Want,I abreviatted the title,just to save time writing the whole title.)
There is smut,yes I wrote a little smut to calm your horny hormones,teenage gals.

Also,I'm thinking of adding a cliffhanger soon.
Yep,I'mma give you all major feels.

Now,to add to my first notice.
I know I am not the best writer in the whole of this site.There are others with more experience than me.
But,I've only been here since December 1st 2012,so cut me a little slack.
2 months and 8 days I've been on this site,I'm still getting a little used to it.
I'm thinking of creating a new Ficwad account,using my Killjoy name,Syanide Skull.
Should I? I mean I have all my stories on here.
No,I'll just stick to my original account.

I'll be going over some of my old fics and correcting the bad mistakes,checking out the rates and stuff.I'm doing that over Half Term.

I'm not the best at everything,but I'm trying.

Sorry if you think this 13 year old's writing sucks.

xo Sadie
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