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Just a little idea...nothing special...

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I have a good idea for a suggestion on Ficwad.
NOTE BEFOREHAND:yes I know this has nothing to do with MCR,this is the only exception though.

So,here's the idea.

I think we should have a new celebrity catagory.
I want a Black Veil Brides one,because it'll be something new.
I like Black Veil Brides,I have two of their songs on my phone,Fallen Angels and In The End.
It's just an idea I dunno..

Second notice of today:I updated Y.C.R.A.W.M.A.Y.W. 6th chapter is UP!

Third note that makes me a little bit happy:MY COUSIN BRANDON COULD BE COMING HOME FROM HOSPITAL TODAY OMFG.

There.My awesome life got a little more awesome-er.

xo Sadie
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