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River of the Night - Part 1 (Chapter 3)

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She found him on the remains of a battlefield. Wrapped in the arms of a red haired woman as she lay on the ground struggling to hold on to the last remains of her life. He looked at her with blue e...

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Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or Naruto. If I did I would find some way to get Naruto out of Konoha and into Fairy Tail. As it is I shall make do.

Author's Note: Next chapter is out. Yes, I was on a fucking role when I wrote these! Anyway I just thought I'd put something in here now. Nobody seems to be really sure about the ages of the characters in the story, Natsu in particular. So I used this as my reference for their ages. I did make it a hyperlink so you should be able to click on it. If not then just copy and paste! I also just went and made Natsu and Gray the same age physically. Maybe Natsu being a few months younger. Nobody seems to be to sure about his real age.

For those of you too annoyed with me to work it out. I've put a list at the bottom of the page with most of their ages.

Fishing' - Normal

'Fishing' - Spells

'Fishing' - Thoughts, Flashbacks and Dreams (Use logic to differentiate!)

Chapter 3:

"Naruto," she said, her voice far graver then usual. "I'll be leaving soon."

The thirteen year old spun round and stared at her in shock. "Wha-what? When? Why?!"

"I'll be leaving soon. On the seventh of July," she repeated.

"But that's in a few days!" he cried.

"Indeed it is," she responded.

He stared at her in shock.

"I should have actually had you leave to go and explore the world when I told you the secret to the dragon force. It's not something I can really teach you and to be honest you've learnt all you need to learn from me," she said.

He continued to stare.

"Well, it's not that you've learnt everything or that you can do every spell perfectly and without the slightest flaw. You can do most, but not all. There are still things you need to learn, but honestly I think the best learning tool for you right now would be experience."

He stared.

She continued, rambling though she'd never admit it. "Sure, you fight me everyday, but that isn't all that helpful in your continued progress. Yes, you get better at fighting me and fighting in general, but you need to learn to fight other opponents too. Learn when to use full power or to moderate it. How your style has to shift and change depending on the magic you face. Really I should have let you go a while ago. I guess in a way it's selfish of me but-"

"You're going," he finally spoke. "I mean really going."

She nodded.

"Will I even see you again. Ever?" he asked.

"Perhaps someday, but not anytime soon," she replied.

There was silence for several moments.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"We're being recalled. I can't tell you where, though. Even letting you know why I'm going shouldn't be told. Thankfully though, my standing grants me some leniency," she replied.

"So, it's not just you then. It's all the dragons, you're all being recalled. Does that mean the other dragon slayers will be left alone too?" he questioned.

She nodded.

"And if what you've explained to me is true, then that means they'll be left alone. Without any sort of explanation as to the sudden reason," he paused for several moments. "That seems kind of cruel. I don't know what I'd do if you just up and disappeared without any warning."

"It is rather cruel, but they would have no choice. Few have the jurisdiction in that world I hold," she replied. "You can't tell them either."


"You can't tell them Naruto Uzumaki," she said sternly. "Do you understand. I'm not even sure you should let the outside world know that you're a dragon slayer and instead rely on your other magic. There will be people watching you and the other dragon slayers too. It'll be dangerous to let them know of who you are," she explained.

He gritted his teeth, "I understand and I won't tell them. That is something I can promise, but that is all. Keeping things hidden and secret has it's place, I know that. But, if it comes down to lying about my powers and lying about myself like that then I will chose the truth. You know what kind of webs lies can weave and the way it can hurt people. You taught me that. I will keep that a secret, but I will not keep myself one."

She smirked, "It looks like some of those lessons sunk in after all."

"Oh yeah, just tease me after I give an awesome impassioned speech. That's a real ego booster," he replied sarcastically.

There was pause in the talking. Both of them just taking the time to enjoy each other's company and the sounds of the night.

"You should join a guild," she said, breaking the silence.

"Hhhmmm…" he hummed in agreement. "It'll be weird not having you around though. You're the only person I've ever really known."

"I suppose it will be strange," she replied.

Another silence ensued, this one lasting a bit longer though for different reasons. This time Naruto was building up his courage to ask her a question he'd been wanting the answer to for a long time.

Taking a several deep breathes he turned to face her.

"Before you go, will you tell me your name. Please… I know I haven't mastered dragon force, but I'm so close. You know that, I've almost got it to the point where nothing can break my hold on it and I can get there almost instantly. It would only take me a bit longer to get it right, so please. Please will you tell me your name before you go," he pleaded.

She observed him for several seconds. Taking in his frozen body as he held his breathe eating for her answer.

"Hai," she finally answered, "before I go… I will tell you my name."

He breathed

"Arigatou, kaa-san."


"Wake up," a voice whispered to him in his sleep.

"Argh…" he mumbled. Rolling over in his sleep.

"Naruto, wake up," the voice repeated with a small bump to his shoulder and the feeling of smooth scales.

He whined and attempted to swat away the offending object and noise.

He head another sigh, then absolute silence. Suddenly his eyes flew open as he found himself swatted painfully in to the side of the wall. The hard impact of the rock on the entire front side of his body certainly doing what it had to in order to wake him up. He slowly slid down the side of the wall, leaving a slight indent behind in the surface he'd just impacted.

"Kaa-san," he said, continuing to lie on the floor he'd recently slid down onto. "Why'd you wake me up? And in the daytime too, that's just cruel. You know how sleepy I feel during the day ever since I activated the dragon force. So why kaa-san? Why!?"

"Naruto, do you remember what day it is?" she asked in exasperation.

"I vaguely recall that today was of some sort of importance, but given that it's day time and I just recently had my head slammed into a rock I think I have some sort of excuse as to why I can't remember at the moment," he replied, lifting the arm with a bit more feeling to go fiddle with one of the hairs on his head.

She sighed and looked away, "I'm leaving today."

He stared at her for several moments before looking away and spoke, "Ah… how could I forget."

"Naruto…" she said, sounding hesitant for the first time in a very long time.

"I know okay. I get that you don't want to go. I mean the fact that you stayed with me longer then my training required is testament to that. It's just… seeing you standing there ready to leave really made it hit. You're like a mother to me. I do call you kaa-san for a reason and I've never even been away from you for more then a day. How am I going to take the years ahead then?" he spoke softly, siting though he continued to look at the floor beneath him.

"Naruto, I'll always be with you in your heart. You know that," she said as she moved over towards him.

"Hai…" he murmured, raising a hand to wipe away the small tear at the corner of his eye.

"Come on, this is no way to say goodbye to your kaa-san," she said bumping his shoulder.

"Yeah, I guess. After all…" his voice trailed off before he jumped to his feet pointing at her with an accusing finger. "You owe me a name!"

She laughed, a roaring sound echoing round the small cave that would have had Naruto rolling round on the cave of the floor if he hadn't grown used to it long ago.

"I suppose I do," she said giving him a fanged grin.

He responded with his own, his elongated canines glinting in the sunlight.

"But kaa-san," he said, his voice sounding completely serious. He then pointed outside with a look of despair on his face, "Why do you have to leave during the daytime!?"

She raised an eyebrow, "I thought it best."

"Best because?"

"I said so."

"Kaa-san, that's not a-"

She gave him the look.

"Hai kaa-san, because you said so," he gave a shaky grin sitting back down.

"Glad we have an understanding," she said then sighed. "I suppose I should be giving you that name now shouldn't I?"

He nodded, too afraid saying anything would suddenly make her change her mind.

"My name…" she stopped and laughed roughly. "It's harder to tell you then I thought. It's not even that special, it's just oddly difficult. I suppose I can't really let it get in the way. Well then, Naruto. My name is Margidda, Dragon of the Moon and Night."

"Margidda," he repeated letting the name roll of his tongue. "River of the night?" he questioned.

She nodded.

"I'm glad, to finally know your name… kaa-san," he said giving her a smile.

She let out a breath she hadn't realised she'd been holding. Becoming aware of something she hadn't been before. She'd been worried, all his time she'd been so afraid that once he learnt her real name he'd stop calling her kaa-san. Stop thinking of her the same way. It was illogical, but something she'd feared nonetheless.

"Arigatou," she whispered.

"For what?" he asked feeling confused.

"For calling me kaa-san," she replied.

He gave her a searching look then spoke, "Even if I was't born to you, you will always be my kaa-san. The dragon that saved, cared for and raised me."

"Musuko-san," she said.

He looked at her with wide eyes.

"I may have never said it to you like you say to me, but that is what you are to me," she said smiling at him.

Water gathered at the corners of his eyes and he quickly reached up a hand to wipe them away. She'd never called him son before. Never acknowledged their bond on that level. Why did it have to be now? Why did it have to be as she was leaving? Why hadn't she overcome her pride and said so!? At least, he thought looking at her, she managed to overcome it at all.

"I guess I should be going then," she said standing up and moving towards the entrance of the cave.

He nodded and stood up to follow her, stopping as she did just outside the cave.

"Don't forget to train Naruto. If, I find out you haven't been - and trust me I'll know - then I'll find some way to get you. I may not be able to do it myself, but I'll find a way! Got it," she warned with a dark look.

He nodded frantically even giving her a bow, "Hai, kaa-san."

"Good," she looked down at the boy one last time her harsh look fading into a fond one. "Goodbye musuko-san."

He reached out an hand and gently stroked her snout, "Goodbye kaa-san."

Licking his hand with her tongue she slowly moved away, giving him one last look before she unfurled her wings and took off into the morning sun. Naruto, smiled sadly as he watched her fly away. Turning back to the cave before a loud voice called out and stopped him.

"And Naruto!" she shouted. "Get some clothes!"

He looked down at his naked form and frowned. Surely she jested, clothes didn't really exist. They were just a rumour. No sane person would want to put some sort of cloth on their body merely to preserve their modesty. How disgustingly beastly.

He shook his head and continued his walk back to the cave.

She must be joking, he finally decided as he sat back down on the floor. There was simply no way he was doing that. Muttering to himself he lay back down on the small mattress at the back of the cave. He wasn't about to join his mother in her brave idea to leave in the day time. Not a chance. He was going to leave when the sun was nice and set and it was day light again.


A young boy hoped down a mountain at midnight. His pale body illuminated in the moonlight as he casually made his way down the rocky slop. Nearing the bottom he froze mid-step. His nose picking up an odd scent that didn't mesh with nature at all. It smells… it smells… old? he thought, reaching a hand up to fiddle with his hair. Yeah, old sounds right.

He sniffed the air again shifting the overlarge bag slung over his shoulder slightly.

"I wonder what it is?" he wondered allowed. Shrugging to himself he figured 'why not' and took off in the direction of the odd smell. After continuing down the mountain he jogged cautiously for several moments before he came upon a sight that froze had him frozen. His blood cold like ice.

A battle field… but not just any battle field at least that's what his senses told him. He reached a hand up to touch his head as an image flashed through his mind. It looked so much like this location, but it felt so different. He felt like he'd seen this before, or something very much like it.

Another image flashed through his mind, this time of a woman with red hair smiling at him. A small trail of blood dripping from the corner of her lips.

Is this where… his mind trailed off uncertain how to continue, but he forced himself. His eyes narrowing with certainty as the feeling of deja vu passed though him. I've been here before because this is where my human kaa-san died, he thought as he glared out at the battle field. These pathetic excuses for human beings killed her, he thought with viciousness as he killed the nearest fallen body sending it flying into the distance. It was the first time he'd ever felt such hate and even Margidda's teachings on emotional control weren't helping.

He thought he'd moved past his mother's untimely fate.

Clearly, he'd been wrong.

Stalking though the battle field he shamelessly crunched the bones of fallen bodies underneath his feet. Taking vindictive joy even knowing that they were long since dead and felt nothing from it. Kicking another body out the way he finally came upon the one he'd been searching for and his heart stopped before restarting in his chest.

Unlike the bodies around him she wasn't clothed in the same uniform as those that had fallen around her and another - very noticeable thing - was that she was perfectly preserved. Honestly he didn't care at that moment. He cared about very little other then the fallen body of his mother, her red hair splayed out behind her as he stumbled towards her.

Reaching her fallen body he slid to his knees beside her dropping his bag to the floor, almost scared to touch her and break whatever held her in such a preserved state. Finally gathering his wits. He casting a spell diagnostic, checking all the spells that had been cast upon her person.

"Margidda," he whispered, as he recognised her signature on the spells. he even recognised the spells from some of the books he'd read though he'd never taken the time to read them. "You did this for me," he whispered shakily tears dripping down from the corners of his eyes.

"I have two kaa-sans," he murmured to himself. The one who had given birth to him and lay dead and preserved before him. The one from whom he'd inherited his innate magic and who was entirely human. The other who had raised him and who'd just recently left him. The one who'd taught him her own form of lost magic and who was one of the most powerful dragons in existence.

"Arigatou, kaa-san," he whispered as he reached out to stroke the dark red hair taking in his first look at another human face. It strange to look upon such a face and know you were part of the same species, but he didn't linger on it too long.

Moving forward he slipped his arms underneath her, lifting the body into his arms.

It was only when she was there that he froze as he realised something truly horrific.

"It- it can't be," he murmured as he took in her. "People really do wear clothes."

Shaking his head in shock he moved away from the battle back towards the mountain. Leaping up the cliff swiftly, using magic to boost his steps as until he reached the grassy top. Looking round him at the view he smiled sadly then returned his gaze to the woman in his arms. Unable to control the small rivulets of tears that dripping from the corners of his eyes.

"Your final resting place under the light of the moon," he murmured as he held her body closer. Feeling a slightly cold metal against his skin he looked at her closer and noticed a necklace that hung loosely from her neck. Frowning slightly he shifted his grip on her and gently unclipped it. Holding it up by its chain as the pendant glinted in the moonlight. It was oddly beautiful as it shone there. He detected no magic cast upon it other then a faint protection charm.

He looked at his mother an ache in his heart.

"I'll keep it with me kaa-san, as a reminder of you always," he said with a faint smile.


Author's Note: Bet that whole discovering he was nude the whole time came out of nowhere. It was pretty funny though and it makes sense. If he'd never seen anyone other then Margidda and she never gave him any clothing he would find it weird. Still, I bet you couldn't get it out of your mind. Don't worry though, he'll get some pants. I know Natsu was clothed the whole time he was with Igneel, but clearly Igneel wasn't as isolated or it's just one of those weird wonders of anime.

I've done their ages from the year X784 which is the year Lucy arrives. If you want it from the year the dragons leave then just minus seven.

Natsu Dragneel - 18 (Physically)
Gajeel Redfox - 19 or 18 (Physically)
Wendy Marvell - 12 (Physically)

Erza Scarlet - 19
Gray Fullbuster - 18
Lucy Heartfilia - 17
Juvia Lockser - 17

Jellal Fernandes - 19
Ultear Milkovich - 18 (Making her the same age as Gray because her age isn't mention)

Mirajane Strauss - 19
Elfman Strauss - 18
Lisanna Strauss - 17

Makarov - 88
Laxus Dreyar - 22

Gildarts Clive - 41
Cana Alberona - 19

Bickslow - 21
Freed Justine - 20
Evergreen - 20

Macao Conbolt - 36
Wakaba Mine - 36

There! Sort of grouped them by association.

Anyway onto the next topic is her name. Seeing as the other dragons names didn't have any Japanese reference I didn't give her's one. A Japanese one that is. Her name does in fact have Sumerian reference. I thought it was quite clever considering that Sumerians are considered to have been the first great civilisation and are considered the people who first created writing.

Margidda - River of the Night

Yoru no suraisu - Night Slice


Musuko - Son

Here's the reference if want a look at more of the words and names on there. Even if you just want to use one in a story

Thank you for reading and please review!
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