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River of the Night - Part 1 (Chapter 4)

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She found him on the remains of a battlefield. Wrapped in the arms of a red haired woman as she lay on the ground struggling to hold on to the last remains of her life. He looked at her with blue e...

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Chapter 4:

Leaning down to pick up his bag Naruto paused mid movement and stood back up. Reaching up a hand to twirl some of the hair near his ear he looked at the ground taking in the fallen bodies on the battle field and frowned.

Apparently he was going to need some form of clothing if he ever hoped to step foot in civilisation. He still couldn't believe that humans actually wore clothing, it was just absolutely despicable. However, if he wanted to to have any form of interaction with them then he needed to wear more then just the necklace hanging round his neck.

Groaning in despair he gave in.

Although, he had to admit that where he was about to get the clothing made the whole situation even worse. Searching through dead bodies and stripping them of their clothing was simply not cool in any level.

Shifting through several bodies closest to him he realised it was going to take a lot longer then he thought. Clearly his kaa-san had been rather violent when she'd been killing them because a lot of the clothing looked like nothing more then rags hanging off their skeletons. He supposed he should be grateful though that a lot of the clothing had been spelled with durability so that they lasted longer. Otherwise he might have had to steal some clothes from a village.

Muttering and cursing under his breath it took him until he reached the edge of the circle before he found a mostly intact uniform that looked around his size or close to it. Wrinkling his nose in disgust he bent down and systematically stripped the figure of its boots and then pants. At least until he noticed there were smaller pants that went to about mid-thigh underneath the larger pants. He stared in fascination.

They seemed to be some sort of covering for the mans genitals.

How barbaric, he thought with a frown. There was no way he was going to wear those underpants things. It was bad enough that he had to wear any in the first place, he wasn't about to make it worse. Besides no one would really know if he was wearing them or not. Nodding to himself he pulled on the pants, grateful that they were rather loose in style. He didn't think he could handle tight pants. The material was irritating enough.

Finishing up with that he nodded to himself in satisfaction before he then turned his gaze to the boots, his gaze narrowing. He glared at them. Locked in a one sided staring contest.

"No," he said as he stared at them. "I refuse to degrade myself to that level."

He continued to stare.

"I refuse," he mumbled.

His glare harshened for a moment before he broke his stare. "Fine… I'll try," he mumbled.

Sitting down he grabbing one of the dark boots he yanked it on. He sat there there for several moments taking in the feeling before his entire body froze. In a flash he was on his feet and the boot nothing, but a flash miles in the distance.

"Never again!" he yelled.

Shaking his head in despair he bent back down again and yanked the jacket and shirt off the body. He immediately threw the shirt back down after taking a better look at it. He'd observed that it was clearly made to skin tight and even if his build was slighter then the body he'd pulled it off it would still fit him too tight for comfort.

Looking at the robe jacket thing he nearly let it join the shirt on the floor. But, after taking it in for several moments he decided it would probably be best to keep it incase he ended up in some sort of snow storm because even if being a dragon slayer made him more resistant to such conditions you could never be sure. So, with a shrug he threw it next to his bag.

Now he just had to figure out what to do about the fact that the pants he was wearing would trip him if he walked more then three steps because they seemed to hang several inches to long. Trailing round his feet.

He could just cut them of course. But, that would then limit their life span and when he got taller he'd need to get new clothing which seemed like way to much effort then he was willing to put into it. I mean he already had to find pants once, doing it again would be a pain. Nodding to himself he stared into pace for a few minutes as he tried to come up with an idea. When he eventually cam back to himself, no idea forthcoming he realised what he'd been staring at and finally an idea popped into his head.

"Yoru no tsume," he muttered activating the darker side of his magic dragon slayer magic, letting the almost invisible darkness shift and elongate around the tips of his finger until he had several long claws protruding several inches out his fingers.

Giving a dark grin as he observed the result of his spell he then turned his attention the shirt.

Who knew he'd be using his magic for something so mandatory?

Shrugging slightly he sat down and pulled the shirt towards him, cutting the shirt up into one long strip. When he'd run out of shirt to cut he'd grabbed another one off the guy next to him and done the same thing.

Making sure there was enough leeway in his pants so they allowed him to bend his leg fully back he began the quick process to fix his little pant leg problem. Now with two longs strips he gripping the first one he began to wrap it round his legs from the ankle up tying a quick not with both pieces at about three quarters of the way to his knee. Grinning at the result he repeated the process on his over leg.

Finally finished he jumped to his feet.

He walked over to his bag, tugging at the pants in irritation. It wasn't as bad as the boots, but he'd be damned if it wasn't annoying as hell.


It was daytime.

He couldn't believe he was awake in the daytime of all things. It was absolute torture. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining, the birds were singing.

Like he said. It was torture.

The village he had just entered wasn't helping either. They were all so energetic and happy. Smiling at one another with those… those… grins on their faces. It was like they were mocking him with their happiness. It was just cruel. If this was what his mother had to go through every day she trained him during the day in his younger years then he suddenly felt a wave of sympathy.

No wonder she'd seen fit to throw him round like a rag doll despite the fact that she'd often insisted she wasn't a violent dragon. He blamed the daylight. Clearly it had been messing with her, the godforsaken thing that it was.

However, he did have reason for being here.

He needed to found out who the best guild in Fiore was and where he could find them. After he somehow managed to procure a map that is. The question wasn't actually doing that, it was more about how he could go about it and with his current headache thinking to much was just troublesome.

He contemplated just grabbing the next person to walk past him, shove them into an alleyway and demand answers. However, he didn't figure that would exactly endear him to the people of the village and if he wanted to get a map as well as answers he'd have to try a different way. Well, not so much different as more polite.

He looking for the nearest and possibly most receptive passerby he spotted a women that seemed to be walking through what looked to be the local market. Her basket was mostly empty though so he assumed she was arriving rather then leaving. Dredging up his pain inducted manners from somewhere deep beyond his headache he walked up to the woman.

"Excuse me, but I'm new in town and I was wondering if you could help me?" he asked.

The woman looked him up and down. Taking in the young half dressed teen who seemed to be all arms and legs despite the muscle shown clearly on his lean frame. She decided that although he could perhaps be some sort of pervert with the way he was dressed that he wasn't an actually threat. He looked far too tired to be a threat and she figured she could always outrun the exhausted looking teen if he tried anything.

Finally she replied, "It depends on what you need help with?"

It was certainly a more pragmatic answer then he was expecting, but shrugged it off.

"I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me what town I'm in then point me in the direction I might be able to get map," he replied.

"You don't know where you are?" she asked raising a brow.

He shook his head.


He nodded.

She sighed, "You're in Wakkanai, we're one of the most Northern villages in Fiore."

"Oh… and a map?"

"There should be one at the small tourist shop up the road. About ten buildings or so down," explained as she pointed behind her.

"Arigatou," he said giving her a small bow before heading off in the direction she pointed.

A few buildings down and several odd looks from the citizens of the town he spotted what he was looking for and headed into the small shop that seemed to be filled with all sorts of curios. He opened the door and heard a bell ring above the door nearly giving him heart failure. Who puts bells above doors anyway? he thought with vehemence as he glared at the gold thing.

When he turned back his gaze to the store he spotted the man he was looking for sleeping behind the counter. He glared with jealousy. How come that man gets to sleep in the day? It's a cruelty that cannot be ignored!

Heading over to the counter he leaned over and smacked the man gently on the cheek. At least he thought it was gently. It ended up sending the man flying off his stool and half way across the store. He was sure he hadn't hit the man that hard, it was bearley a tap. He felt slightly concerned. He hadn't accidentally killed the man had he. That would horrible to have on his conscience.

Walking over to the man he tapped him with his foot. Gently rolling the man over.

"Oi, oji-san," he said poking the old man in the side.

The man groaned and sat up. Blinking for several moments and rubbing his cheek. Realising he wasn't alone in the shop he gave Naruto a toothless grin that had the boy feeling just a tad disturbed.

"Ah, a customer. How can I help you boy?" he asked climbing shakily to his feet and walking towards the counter.

"Well, I was just wondering if you had a map of Fiore?" he asked, deciding to go with the weird flow that had been going on since the man had woken up.

"A map, you say?"

"Hai, oji-san," he replied giving the man a small bow out of habit. His kaa-san's teaches not something that would fade even with time or headache.

"I'm sure I have one somewhere," he said disappearing behind the counter. There were several load bangs and curses that Naruto would never have suspected such an old man knew before the man stood back up an old worn looking piece of paper in his hand. "It's a bit worn out, but should work just fine."

Naruto nodded and took the map from the man. Opening it up he quickly searched over the page before spotting the village he was currently in right near the top of the page, proving that this was in fact a map of the right place. He wasn't sure how much he trusted the old man's judgement.

He gave the man a smile, "Arigatou, how much will that be?"

"Oh, just a hundred jewels," the man replied.

Naruto wasn't sure if the man was cheating him of his money or not given that he knew nothing about pricing, but he decided he didn't really care. He just wanted the map and he didn't have much other use for the money his kaa-san had left him. Not that there was much of it. Muttering to himself Naruto lowered the bag on his back quickly digging out the required money.

"Would you also happen to know what people consider the most powerful magician's guild in Fiore?" he asked as he chucked the money on the counter.

"Currently Phantom Lord, though there are some up and coming guilds," he replied.

"Phantom Lord, huh?" he repeated. The name sounds cool, definitely badass, he thought considering it for a moment longer before he shook his head. No, they must be compensating for something with a name like that. I refuse to be in a guild that's compensating for something.

"What about these up and coming guilds?" he asked tucking the map into his pocket.

"Well, there are several guilds known to be doing quite well though there is a rumour going round about one of them," said the old man as he took his place back on the stool.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, surprised that the sleepy man seemed so well informed.

"Which one?" he asked.

"Fairy Tail," he replied. "There's a rumour going round that they're nearly as strong as Phantom Lord these days."

"Hhhmmm…" he hummed in thought. "Fairy Tail."

It sounded interested enough. Shaking his head slightly he looked at the old man who was gazing at him with interested eyes.

"Well, I best be going. Arigatou for the help oji-san," he said giving the man a smile before leaving the shop as fast as politeness allowed.

The old man chuckled as the boy left, watching his figure move down the street. It had been a while since he'd seen one of them. He wasn't aware they still trained students.

"I wonder what kind of whirlwind you'll bring to Fiore," he murmured.


One hand twirling his hair round his finger, the other tracing the different places on the map that Naruto gazed at with a frown on his face. If what he was looking at was correct then…

He swore under his breath.

If only he'd headed south. If he'd headed south then he could have already been on his way to Fiore, but no. He had to be an idiot and head north. Well, he supposed he wouldn't have found his mother if he hadn't done so, but it didn't really sooth his irritation. Plus it was still daytime. Where is only emotions seemed to be irritation and exhaustion.

His kaa-san hadn't warned him that this would be a side effect when he'd managed to learn dragon force though he was beginning to doubt she even knew it at all.

With a sigh he stuffed the map back on his pocket and looked in the direction he was going to head. Literally, he couldn't even bring himself to think about working the terrain to his advantage or nothing. He was going to be heading straight in one direction and he was going to do it now. He really just couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to get there as quickly as possible and he wasn't going to dawdle and enjoy the scenery anymore. He may have felt exhausted, but he was going to leave right now.

Right… after he took a nap under the trees.

The sun was just to much and the shade really did help calm him down even if it didn't get rid of the exhaustion.

Folding up the map he stuffed it back into his pocket before grabbing the robe looped round his bag bundling it up and placing it at the base of the tree. I knew it would come in handy, he thought fondly. Smiling slightly to himself he placed his head on the pillow bundle and promptly passed out. The shade of the tree flickering shadows and sunlight across his face.

If there was one thing he was grateful for though, it was his ability even in sleep to know when the sun had set so accurately he could tell you the second the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. It was that which woke him up with a jolt. His shaggy hair spiked up like a halo of pale blonde round his head. Shaking his head he gazed round him in confusion as a rubbed his eyes.

Blinking several times he remembered staring at his surrounds before the lightbulb went off in his head and he remembered where he was.

Jumping to his feet he quickly dug through the bag pulling out some of the dried meat his kaa-san had made him for the journey. Biting into a piece he looked at what he had left and frowned. He'd definitely have to hurry up if he didn't want to starve. Sure he could stop at a village and get some, but he wasn't exactly swimming in money. He was quite sure Margidda had a skewered view of prices considering she'd last been in the world hundreds of years ago, at least he thought so. She'd said the money had belonged to her last dragon slayer, and according to the dates that was a long time ago.

He also considered the price of the map compared to the money she'd given him. It wasn't much. She'd made out as if she'd given him enough money to live of for years. Well, she was wrong. Until he joined a guild and started making money he was going to be a bit short on cash and food.

Grumbling to himself as he chewed of the piece of dried meat he wrapped the robe back round the pack before shouldering it and looking up at the sky. The sun hadn't set to long ago, so you could only see the beginnings of stars in the sky. Even so the feeling was already beginning to fill him.

Grinning despite his money problems he gathered in the ambient energy of the night before muttering a quick spell, "Tsuki no taijū."

Immediately a feeling of weightlessness filled him and he shook himself slightly to get used to the feeling. The spell he'd used wasn't actually much use in battle unless you had extreme experience with it. It took a lot of refined control to use correctly. It was originally just used to lesson the force of gravity on the user. However, the previous dragon slayer had been able to come up with a way to manipulate it rather then just lessen it one way. That made it a lot more useful in battle then it was previously. Allowing free manipulation rather then continuously having to turn the technique off and on which cost a lot more energy.

He just found it annoying that he couldn't use it on someone else. That was unfortunately a technique that he didn't have, but he was looking into it even if it was little success.

Shrugging of his thoughts he jumped into the sky aiming more forward then up though he easily cleared the trees. Reaching what he considered an adequate distance he then increased the gravity on his body and dropped down quickly. It would be odd to anyone who witnessed his landing though, because even with the increase in gravity he still landed lightly and silently on his feet. Feeling the grass tickle his toes he shifted his stance, lessened the gravity again and shot off into the distance.

He wished the technique would allow him to fly, but it didn't have the right kind of influence and he wasn't a wind mage. He was looking for a way around that and had experienced some success. It wasn't perfected, however, and he wasn't willed to risk messing up and injuring himself when there wasn't anyone to help him.

Still, he was so tempted right now just to speed up the process.

In fact he cursed the lessons his mother had drilled into his head. If she hadn't then he was sure he wouldn't have been so cautious and would have been okay with trying it out.

But, no.

It was stuck in his mind forever.

Author's Note: The old man isn't important. Just an old guy who knows his shit. Also, as a note to people I will not be bringing Sasuke into this story. Not if you payed me. I just won't, but I might bring in some other characters if it fits at come point. Next time meet Fairy Tail where most of out main cast will be chibified!

Trivia: Wakkanai is actually the most northern village in Japan. I thought it would be an idea to use it because I couldn't come up with anything else. However, if I am wrong then I blame wikipedia.


Tsuki no taijū - Weight of the moon

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