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River of the Night - Part 1 (Chapter 8)

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She found him on the remains of a battlefield. Wrapped in the arms of a red haired woman as she lay on the ground struggling to hold on to the last remains of her life. He looked at her with blue e...

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Disclaimer: Hey look I've changed my disclaimer have you noticed! I don't own Naruto or Fairy Tail as sad and disappointing as it is. Woe is me and all that jazz.

Author's Note: I'm back. I mean it was a few extra days, but still. I'm back! Naruto is going to meet the new guild member, take a guess who. What will he think of him?

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Chapter 8:

The moment Naruto walked into the guild he was attacked. Although, a better description would be that someone attempted to attack him. Someone with pink hair who wasn't even tall enough to reach his shoulder, perhaps not even his chest. Someone that charged him with a loud yell.

"Fight me!" he cried as he jumped with a fist full of fire at the blonde.

Reacting instinctively Naruto stepped lightly to the side letting the boy fall past him before slamming his leg into the boys back. Sending him flying into the hard wooden doors. Blinking rapidly at the odd happening Naruto watched the strange human slowly peel himself off the door. Leaving a remarkable large indent behind in his place.

Turning round to face the rest of the guild who were staring at the scene he raised a brow and asked, "What just happened?"

Before anyone could respond to the question the pink haired boy jumped back to his feet. Seemingly recovered from his body to door encounter. He jumped into what Naruto guessed to be some sort of loose fighting stance and started bouncing up and down on his toes. His body brimming with energy.

"Fight me!" he once again declared.

Naruto furrowed his brow. "Why do you want to fight me little girl?"

Natsu froze where he stood. The punk had just called him a girl. He was unfortunately unaware that Naruto had trouble differentiating between boys and girls when they were young.

"I'm a boy!" he shouted swinging once again at Naruto's face and once again missing.

"But, your hair is pink," Naruto pointed out most obviously.

"So! What's that got to do with it!"

Naruto reached up to twirl a piece of hair with a confused look on his face, "Cana said that pink is a girls' colour."

The girl in question quickly hid behind the bar. She did not want her new pink haired guild member to take it out on her. It wasn't her fault honestly. She'd just noticed Naruto had trouble telling the difference between them. Apparently he'd had an odd upbringing. So, she'd decided to help in her own way being explaining clothing, hair length and colours normally associated with each. While Natsu certainly dressed like a boy and had short hair it was undeniably pink. Which she'd said to Naruto was a clear indicator the person was a girl. She damned her helpful nature.

The small boy stared at Naruto in shock for several moments before sprinting away from him. Fists still blazing screaming for Cana to come out from where ever she was hiding. Naruto wasn't sure how safe that was inside a wooden structure, but ignored it. At least the kid wasn't badgering him anymore. The boy was just lucky it was afternoon and not midday.

Shaking his head in disbelief Naruto moved over to bar and slid into a stool next to Laxus still feeling slightly dazed by the odd greeting. He turned to face the taller boy.

"I take it that is the new guild member you wanted me to meet?" he asked.

"Hai," he replied with a grin a teasingly lilt still in his voice. "Notice anything odd about him?"

"Other then the fact that he attacked me?"

Laxus nodded.

"He's extremely loud and will probably be the cause of many headaches in the future. Other then that… well, he did feel kind of familiar you know. Like I should know him or I've met him before even if I'm quite sure I haven't. I'm sure kaa-san mentioned something about it, but for the life of me I just can't remember what," he murmured is he fiddled with his hair in thought.

Laxus grinned. This was going to be good. "He claims to be a dragon slayer."

Naruto paused for a moment to consider his words - and to get over the surprise of meeting another dragon slayer so suddenly - before nodding his head, "She did mention something like that. Anyway I got to go see the master. Is he in his office?"

"Hai, what you need him for?"

"Nothing really, just a little… problem on my mission."

"Well, he's in his office if you need him," Laxus replied deciding it was best not to ask Naruto about what had happened. The pale blonde looked troubled and they hadn't known each other long enough for him to suddenly become a confident.

"Arigatou," he replied with a nod of his head. Heading to the back of the room he knocked on an easy to miss door waiting for Makarov's acknowledgement before slipping inside. "Master," he greeted with a small bow.

"Ah, Naruto to what do I owe the pleasure," he greeted with a grin and a wave of his hand indicating for Naruto to sit in one of the unoccupied seats in front of his desk. Abiding by his request Naruto situated himself on one of the chairs. Leaning back against the rest though keeping himself ready for any form of battle. Margidda had engrained this into him through various sneak attacks throughout his trained. It was better to be prepared else he would regret it.

"I recently took a mission request off the board from the council or at least one man from the council," he began, answering Makarov's earlier question.

"Hhhmmm… I'd hoped one of the other guilds would accept it before someone here did."

Naruto nodded, "I would have left it alone myself if not for an unfortunate curious streak and a need for the large reward they offered. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that I took it and I'd tell you what I can about it."

"You can't tell me everything?" he asked.

"There have been certain restrictions placed on what I can and can't tell you," he replied stiffly only just managing to find the words that would allow him to explain without breaking anything. He could feel the spell restricting what he could say.

"Oh, one of those eh?"

Naruto nodded.

"There is little I can tell you, but the bare minimum. I am going to be searching for a way around it though. So, when I find out how I'll tell you everything," Naruto explained. He then remembered a request he needed to make, "Which reminds me, before I forget could I request a bit of time to eventually head over to the Magic Library to research the problem. Just a week once a month or so."

Makarov nodded his head in agreement, "Sure."

"Good, anyway there's not much I can tell you really. It was a request from the magic council to…" he searched for a word he could say, "look into certain events pertaining to the Bureau of Magical Development. The request was made by a man whose face I couldn't see and whose name I don't know. He wore a hat that kept his face in the shadows. I'm surprised I could actually day that much about him."

"Perhaps he didn't target his identity when he cast the spell," Makarov suggested.

Naruto hummed in agreement, "It's possible. Well, there seems to be greater restrictions placed upon what I can say about the place then him. All I think I can say is that several…" he wanted to say experiments, but found the words lodged in his throat. Sighing he continued, "Several discoveries were made in regards to the…" once again the words lodged in his throat. Now he was actually getting irritated. "In regards to the magical container and its… advancement."

He couldn't say more then that. Not even mention the mutated take-over creatures or the fact that he harmed them. It was irritating in the extreme. Then he remembered something. It wouldn't let him say that, but it would help at least. Digging into his pocket he pulled out the picture of the girl he'd stored there taking a moment to look at her young face before handing it over to Makarov. "This is an image of one of the… subjects there. Perhaps you can identify her."

Taking the image Makarov glanced over it with a frown on his face. "She's familiar in some odd way, but I don't know who she is." Sighing Naruto took back the picture and slid it into his pocket. He'd hoped the Master would have had an idea who she was.

"I'm sorry that's all I can tell you Master. I was hoping to be able to get out more, but apparently not."

"That's fine Naruto. Something is better then nothing," he responded.

Standing up Naruto gave Makarov a small bow and headed for the door, "Arigatou, Master."

Now I just need to find and apartment, he thought. Then I can finally look at those books Margidda left at the back of the cave. She said they would teach me things she hadn't had the time to explain properly. I hope it's something awesome.

He hadn't looked at them yet because he'd wanted to make sure they weren't something extremely top secret before opening. He didn't want someone trying to steal them or something like that. They'd been given to him by his kaa-san and he wasn't going to let anyone get their hands on them.


He felt like he'd seen one hundred apartments. He knew it hadn't been that many, but it sure felt like it. It wasn't like he searched for fault with every apartment he looked at. It was more like the faults were thrown in his face. All of them had some kind of problem from the location to the money to the size. He just couldn't find the right one. But, now… finally now! He had found one that seemed just right. He didn't want to say it out loud in case he jinxed it or something, but he thought it might be the one.

He didn't want to sound like a love sick fool either, but the place seemed perfect for him. A small one bedroom apartment near enough to Fairy Tail for a civilian to walk it in about ten minutes. It wasn't overly large for certain, but it was big enough for him. A small kitchen, living room and a clean bathroom. It was also built in one of the newer buildings in town which meant it hadn't been lived in much before.

Restraining the grin he felt like giving the landlord he checked round the place once more to make sure nothing was wrong with it. Other then the fact that it was largely unfurnished there didn't seem to be a problem. The walls were painted a nice pale cream, the floors a light wood colour and there didn't seem to be any sort of holes or infestation in the walls or ceiling. It was also a pretty decently priced. He'd only be renting, but that wasn't a problem. He was hoping to get a house when he eventually built up the money or when he made S-class. Then he'd be able to consistently take higher paying missions. He doubted he'd easily find a mission that paid as well as the one he'd just been on.

Spinning round to face the landlord he finally allowed himself to grin. "I'll take it."

His landlord, however, left much to be desired. The short man with hardly any hair on his head and an oddly shaped face that made Naruto think of salmon seemed unable to be incapable of smiling. His face set in a sullen frown full of distain. "I don't accept any late payments, got it? I want that 80,000 jewels by the end of every month and if I don't get it you're out. I won't accept anything less, mage," he finished with venom.

Naruto raised a brow. Clearly the man had something against mages. He hadn't a clue what, but it was obvious the man wasn't going to suddenly turn into a fan of his at any rate. Sighing and automatically reaching up to tug on one of his shaggy locks he nodded. "Hai."

"And I expect your first payment now," he said with a hand held out.

Not wanting to give away how much money he had on hand Naruto waved him off. "I'll come by you desk later today. Is that fine?"

The man looked like he wanted to argue, but gave up and nodded. The boy wasn't going against what he asked after all. But, he was feeling slightly dubious about the whole thing. For one the boy didn't look older then fourteen, he could perhaps push for a young looking fifteen year old, but the man doubted it. The boys growth pattern indicated a younger age. For two the boy was mage. That in itself was a big enough reason. Unfortunately he couldn't just turn the boy away. He was a paying customer and he'd been looking for someone to rent the room for a while.

"Make sure that you do," he said to the pale boy before turning and leaving the room with a frown.

"Arigatou," Naruto said in thanks though the man failed to return the curtesy.

Watching the man leaving the apartment waiting for the tell tale click of the door closing before quickly threw his bag to floor. Reaching into the bag he pulled out a smaller beige bag. The bag filled with the books his kaa-san had left for him. Sitting with the bag in font of him on the floor he suddenly found himself hesitant. This was the last gift he'd ever received from his mother. When he opened this he would know what was inside, but at the same time it would no longer be… he didn't know how to put it into words. He just knew it would be different. Perhaps that was part of the reason he hadn't looked yet. It was something he'd never admit, but there seemed to be some truth there.

Sighing he reached up a had to fiddle with his hair, but stopped mid-movement letting his hand floor to the floor with a soft thud. He really needed to let go of whatever was stopping him from opening the bag and just get it over and done with. Rip it off like his kaa-san torturously liked doing to his bandages. Taking a deep breathe he gripped either side of the bag. His hands were shaking, but with another deep breathe he managed to steady them.

And… now! he thought as he pulled open the bag with a violent tug.

He released the breathe he'd been holding with relief before turning his gaze back to the inside of the bag. Taped to the top was a note with his mother's messy scrawl. Messy only because she'd had to try and write in such a small place when her nail was similar in size to his whole body. It should have been impossible, but she'd practiced over a long period of time to get it to an acceptable level.

Pulling the note out he quickly read over it.


This books have got me through some hard times. Some really lonely times and now I think it's time I pass them on to you. You're just lucky I keep an extra copy of everything over wise I'd never part with them. A wise man many years ago wrote them. Now I give his glorious gift of knowledge to you. Feel grateful to your predecessor for introducing them to me. Otherwise the world would be a much duller place. Take care of these books Naruto or else I will find a way to get to you.


Your Kaa-san

Blinking in surprise at the way his kaa-san had practically waxed lyrical about the books Naruto raised and eyebrow before sliding the note into his pocket with the picture he still kept there. It would be nice to have a memento of his kaa-san. Even if it was an oddly out of character letter. The only part seemingly in character being her threat at the end. Deciding the books must be good if Margidda had enjoyed them so much he pulled one off the top.

"Icha Icha," he read out loud as he took in the front cover. A scantly clad woman being chased by a man. Raising an eyebrow at the odd picture he flipped to the back of the book seeing a picture of a grinning man with wild white hair and a single red line going down either side of his face from eye corner to jaw. He cocked his head. The man was certainly odd looking.

There was also a small biographical description at the bottom of the man who seemed to be called Jiraiya. Apparently he'd been a wondering mage, considering himself to be a Toad Sage due to his ability to summon toads. It certainly seemed to be an interesting magic. Checking the date of publication Naruto nearly chocked. This book was written some four hundred years ago. Yes, he knew when the last dragon slayers had been taught. But, it was one thing to know and another thing to see it so casually in a book from the era.

Pushing back that thought he slowly pulled back the front page to read the text in front of him. Surely it held a well of information that could truly bring him to new levels. As soon as he began ready he realised that it was not a text on magic, but rather a fictional story book. Frowning as he continued further on he wondered why his kaa-san wanted him to read such a thing. Surely it couldn't be that important. But, he continued, perhaps the secrets lay somewhere in the book.

On round about the sixth page the story Naruto's eyebrows nearly disappeared into his hair though he quickly controlled and ordered the expression on his face into something more neutral. Had he been a more… conventionally raised boy he probably would have been a red faced, stuttering, bloody nosed idiot by this point. Either continuing out of perversion, flung it away in disgust or passed out due to blood loss. As it was he continued with an almost… sick fascination as he read the acts that took place in the book. When he first started reading the passage he'd almost put the book down in disbelief. However, the knowledge that his kaa-san had ordered him to read the books had him continue on through.

Going from porn filled passage to porn filled passage as a whole world of information now flooded his brain.

It seemed so absurd and yet suddenly a whole lot of things made so much sense. At first he hadn't believed it, but the more he read the more it just seemed so normal. What he couldn't understand was why his kaa-san had left him these books. He knew enough to understand it simply wasn't normal for mothers to leave their sons books filled with sex. It just made no sense on any level to him. He also didn't understand why his kaa-san hadn't told him sooner, in fact why she hadn't told him herself. It would've been awkward as all hell, but surely it made more sense. It was only when he got to the last word on the last page that all his confusion was answered.

As soon as he read the last word on the page the note in his pocket vibrated. Feeling confused he quickly pulled it out and noticed the writing on it had changed from what it said originally. He didn't know how she'd done it, but is was a clever idea for sure. Reading the note an almost deadpan stare crossed his face.


I'm sure you're confused as to why I've left you these books rather then tell you in person. Or why I didn't tell you sooner. In fact I bet you're wondering why I made you read such perverse literature in the first place considering I'm your kaa-san.

Naruto wondered if she'd read his present mind in the past. It all seemed so accurate. Perhaps it just showed hoe well she knew him.

Well the answer is quite simple. I like to mess with your mind. A fact which you well know. In fact I not only like to mess with your mind, I like to do it in the most complex way possible. I've not only messed with your mind in the ways you think. But, in even more elaborate ways because now you have to live knowing that not only is your kaa-san a pervert, but that you read the same books too!


Your Kaa-san

P.S. I expect you to finished those books. I'll know if you didn't. I will know.

Naruto stared at the piece of paper in disbelief. He gazed at the paper in his hands for several moments then turned his gaze on the books before returning back to the note. If he were a normal boy he'd probably be in tears at this point. As it was he couldn't stop the little smirk that flitted across his face. It was so like his kaa-san to mess with him like this. Even if a part of him did feel like finding her and attempting to beat the crap out of her - failure was guaranteed - the greater part of him was filled with a sense of nostalgia.

He wasn't sure if that's what Margidda had intended with the prank, but it was the result none the less.

Shaking his head he pocketed the note. He'd go out to buy himself some furniture or at least look at some to make his apartment more habitable and when he was done with that he would read those books. He had to after all. Else his kaa-san find out otherwise.


She'd come up with her plan when he'd been in the middle of training. Meditating further up the mountain leaving her alone in her cave. Grinning in triumph she went to the back of the cave and dragged out from a hidden spot in the wall a bag filled with old perverse books. A preservation charm on the bag to protect them from ageing. It was her previous dragon slayer's work. She'd loved this books.

Margidda was suddenly beyond grateful for the girl's perverse side. She thought Margidda hadn't known, but she had. Nothing could escape her. Even if it had irritated her it was now a part of her mastermind scheme.

Her scheme to turn her son into an anti-pervert.

She'd thought that if she just didn't give him the birds and the bees talk it would save him from the perverts of the world. But, she didn't trust the rest of the humans not to corrupt her son. She would have to find a way to do it herself. A way to disturb him so badly he'd never walk that side of life. Her plan could not fail.

Margidda had never read the books herself, but her son didn't have to know that. If he thought he'd read the same perverted books as his mother surely it would disgust and disturb him to the point where he'd never turn to that side. Yes, it would work. Best of all it would be disguised as a simple way to mess with his mind. Well, she confessed it would be messing with his mind. Just not in the way he expected it would.

I will save you, Naruto-kun. Yes, those people will never corrupt you in such a way. I won't let another child of mine fall to the dark side, she thought as she began her mastermind plan.


Author's Note: It was so much easier to write the whole Bureau of Magical Development thing then this. I forgot how tough it was just writing general interactions. Man what a pain. Anyway I hope you liked the whole pervert books thing. We just can't let our favourite pervert sage be completely forgotten right. Got to have humour. Fairy Tail is legend for having humour in the most random moments. I would say unexpected moments, but it happens so often you almost always expect it. This chapter was certainly more lighthearted then the last two, the most important part was meeting Natsu and him talking with Makarov. A lot of this was just fun.

Please review readers, let me know about things you want to happen in the future. Any idea for how various missions go, where Naruto finds his exceed egg, or taking an S-Class test which I will be writing. Seriously, tell me who should be in the exam because the only sure characters from the canon past are Cana and Laxus. Help me.

Pairing: After much thought and reading various reviews I've decided… (drum roll)… that I still don't know what the fuck to do. Ultear and Mirajane are difficult to chose between. Which means I'm just going to let it play out and go with what ever seems to suit the story. It won't be easy… but I'm looking forward to it. Laughs madly.
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