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I HATE Valentine's Day.

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Ugh,tomorrow will suck so bad..

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Oh Fucking hell..

Tommorrow is Valentine's Day,fuck this.

As you can tell,Valentine's Day and me being an ugly 13 year old with no boyfriend except an imaginary on,don't go well together.

So,for this occasion,I put together a list of reasons why I HATE (underline the word hate) Valentine's Day.

1)Everyone in my year isn't single (well,except a few people who are my BFF's)

That is the thing with Popular's (I'm calling them Sluts and Dicks now,cuz they are sometimes,they drive you nuts..)
Popular people are pretty (ugly.too much fake tan,WAY too much makeup)
And the girls can easily get boyfriends.

2)Boys will (most likely) try and flirt with me.

They always do.
I fucking hate it when people do that.
They saunter over,like chavs.
They try their hardest to get with you,and when you say 'Go away.' they don't.
Even if I have my headphones in and am trying to listen to the beautiful voices of Kellin Quinn,Vic Fuentes,Andy Biersack and Gerard Way.
(Note:I had to get rid of a few My Chem songs to get BVB and PTV on my phone,fuck my phone's small memory..)

So,during Valentine's Day (in school) I'll just have my headphones in,ignoring everyone,while reading the newest issue of Kerrang! Mag.

(Which,By the way,has a Frank poster in,which is hung up on my wall right now by my bed which I call the 'My Chem Wall'.If ya live in the UK,you are so lucky you can get Kerrang! (I live in the UK))

I'mma update my fic,after I do my ICT homework.

xo Sadie
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