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My Valentine's Day

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How my valentine's day was. Forever alone.

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So,how was your Valentine's Day?

Better than mine?


Here's how mine went.
Going all detailed paragraphs here so keep up.


I walked into Priory School,my secondary school,on a nice sunny Thursday morning.Inside my Kickers bag was a pencil,my lunch,Kerrang! mag for breaktime reading and my PE kit.Blasting in my ears was Black Veil Brides,with their song Fallen Angels.The volume on my headphones was full volume.I walked through the gate,taking off my wooly hat and stuffing it in my full-to-the-brim bag,along with my gloves,then walked up the many stairs to my tutor room.

I looked at the clock in the main hall,it was nearly 8:20,so I was nearly late.I whispered under my breath 'Shit' and walked fast along the balcony,switching off my music.I walked through the wooden double doors to see I wasn't late.Sophie and Britney,two of my friends in Tutor,were talking about the latest gossip which was a fight between two girls in my PE group,Jess and Martha,having some sort of fight.Then,my tutor Mrs.Button,walked up the stairs and opened the door,and all the kids flooded in.

At 8:25am or so,we made our way over to the sports hall for assembly.We did it all on rights,as my school is a rights respecting school.It was quite boring,but I managed to sit through it,despite having a small case of pins and needles when I got up afterwards.

After assembly I had a maths lesson.It was boring,and I wasn't allowed to listen to music.We did a load of work on long multiplcation and mulitplying decimals.
After that we did a 'fun' activity for Valentines Day.

My second lesson was Drama.We did a fun comedy talk show activity.Our group,which contained Myself,Alice,Emily and Stefani,did a funny story based off Tangled.I played the part of Rapunzel's real mother,which was pretty cool I guess.

At Break,I made my way over to the Game Room,with my headphones in blasting King For A Day.I looked around the cramped room,filled with populars,then left.So,I then went to the Main Hall to read through Kerrang!.I then took a walk around school to find Ellie,but I couldn't find her,so I went back to the Game Room.

I was a bit late for English,my third lesson of the day,because of the slowness of the corridor by the Game Room.I didn't miss anything though,so I sat down in my seat and the lesson began.We continued with our assessment on Macbeth.I wrote two full pages of PEE paragraphs.I think I deserve a good level,I tryed my hardest.

Lunch time,I sat on my own for the 100th or so time since the beginning of Spring Term.I prefered to sit alone though,because it's my quiet time to listen to my music whilst eating.After I ate my lunch,I went to the Game Room to read the All Time Low article in Kerrang!.Some populars then saw what I was reading and started acting like total douches,which is when Gerard's voice told me to keep those headphones in and ignore the cunts,which I did.Even though I wanted to rip their heads off.

My fourth lesson was French,we did Valentine's Poems.Oh,joy,I thought to myself as I sat in my regular seat.Sir told us the activity,and I stared at my blank sheet.For about 10 minutes.I then heard the voice of Gerard softly singing sweet nothings in my head,and the idea hit me like a ton of bricks.My poem was for Gerard.He is the light behind my eyes and the Chemical to my Romance.I only wrote two lines,but it took me a while to think them up.

Final lesson of the day was PE.We did the trampolining assessment.I tryed my best and scored myself a 4A.I gracefully accepted my level with a bit of pride,knowing I did my best.In the changing rooms,I overheard Ruby,a girl in my group,got the higest level in the class,an 8C.After changing back into my uniform,I walked out of the changing rooms,switching on King For A Day and travelling home with my headphones on full blast and the sun in my face.


Sadly,no one sang Demolition Lovers to me for Valentine's Day.
Or any other My Chem songs,except Gerard,as they played into my ears and to my mind.
Tomorrow,is Non-Uniform day.We take in £1 for a charity in exchange for wearing no uniform.

I'll be wearing my California 2019 shirt,my jeans with the ends turned up and my black boots.My hair shall be done up in a pony-tail,my regular look,with my fringe over my eye.

Ella told me she'd be wearing her Fearless Vampire Killers shirt,and Ellie will be wearing a Black Veil Brides shirt.
We'll be the tiny group in school in band tops.

So,how was your day?

xo Sadie
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