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I hate the color white....

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I woke up to her voice. It was a voice I was used to hearing, sadly.

"Gerard, you idiot." She sighed as he cold fingers swiped over the skin of my stomach.

"Any excuse to touch me." I laughed, making her jump and gasp. I sat up and opened my eyes.

I felt like I hadn't even been sliced open. "Gerard!" She slapped me, leaving a harsh sting on my cheek.

"You really shouldn't hit your patients, Rose." I smiled at her.

She rolled her green eyes and shook out her short, auburn hair. "I hardly consider you a patient, Gerard. More like a frequent visitor." She sat in her rolling chair and looked up at me on the white bed.

It matched the white walls and white tables and white clipboard she had in here. I really, really hate the color white.

I sighed. "I know. But, ya gotta admit, I heal twice as fast as anyone else in the whole institute." I pointed out to her.

"I know that better than you. Healing half way through that surgery when I had to get that bullet out of your stomach." She sighed and wrote something on a paper.

"This time, your internal organs such as your stomach and intestines, all had lacerations that seemed to have been nearly healed by the time you were brought here." She said as if she were only mentioning the weather.

"I figured it was something like that...." I trailed off, putting my hand on my stomach. I saw she'd put me in one of those hideous white gowns.

"You're lucky you didn't bleed to death you idiot." She said even more pointedly. I leaned back on my arms.

"Yeah. But I didn't. So that's good." I grinned. She stood up and walked over to one of her huge white glass cabinets with the clear glass doors.

"You'll need to take one of those every day. It'll help your heart replace all the blood you lost. And eat foods high in sugar." She threw a big bottle of pills at me. "Take them until they're gone."

I caught them in my hand easily. "Can do. Did someone bring some clothes for -" she threw a bag at me, cutting off my question. "Sweet." I pulled out a black outfit.

"I just have a stock of your clothes here, considering it's you." I rolled my eyes as I took off the gown.

"Oh come on, Gerard!" She covered her face with her clip board.

"You're one to freak out, Rose." I laughed, pulling my shirt over my head. "You don't even wear a shirt under your vest and you don't zip it up all of the way either." I stuck my tongue out at her.

"You act like I'm a young man stripping in a hospital bed!" She threw the board at me.

"I'm reverse stripping, smart ass." I zipped up my pants. "And you can open your eyes now." I sighed.

She glared at me. "Would you grow up Gerard?!" She yelled at me.

"Oh hunny." I smirked at her. "I'm pretty sure I'm older than you."

"Doesn't mean you're as mature as me." She rolled her eyes at me.

"Whatever." I looked at her with different eyes. The shadows around her seem to grow and grow until the room was swallowed by them. "With each life I take, add another five years to my mind's age."

"Gerard?" I heard the fear in her voice.

"You wouldn't comprehend the things I have seen, let alone what I have had to do. You would go insane instantly."

"Gerard, something's wrong." She stood up, my eyes following her.

"Insanity. That's a word that I've lived with for years now. It is what makes this screwed up world of ours turn. No sane person can go on a mission and come back the same."

"Gerard, your eyes are...changing." She came closer to me. "Gerard, can you even hear me?"

I could hear her. But I couldn't stop myself. "Only insane people like me would be able to handle anything along the lines of killing the monsters of humanity."

"Gerard!" Her hand flew at my face, but I caught it by the wrist before it could connect.

I held it there in silence. Her breath was coming faster and faster as I held her there. "G-Gerard?" She asked.

The room was slowly coming back to me now as I looked at her scared pixie like face. Tears...

A flash of white as I blinked and then everything was back to normal. "Sorry." I said before I let go of her wrist.

I backed away from her and grabbed my boots, shoving my feet into them. I had to sit down to lace them up.

"Gerard, what was that?" She asked as I finished the first quickly.

"What was what?" I smiled at her, my practiced hands still lacing up my second boot. When they got to the top, I tied it off and I stood up.

"Gerard, you were different just now." She said as I put the medicine in the bag. "You're eyes....they were darker. Not so much green as they"

"You're funny Rose!" I laughed, heading to the door. "I gotta get ready. I have a big mission later tonight." I left the hospital wing and headed to my room.

I stopped in an empty hall way and leaned against the wall. I put my hand to my pounding head and closed my eyes.

I was going insane. Even more so now than before.

I wrapped my arms around myself and slid to the floor. The hilt of my knife poked out of my boot.

I put the tip of my index finger to it and sighed. This is all I need.

This is my sanity.

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