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Good Fucking Morning!

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Hey to the people!

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What's up awkward turtles!

So,today is....


Last week they never played my video ohhh....

they didn't play mcr either...


So,I have planned out my day from after I've finished this little post of my blog-thing.


11:00 / 11:30:Skyrim.


2:00pm:Update of Fallen Angels.

3:00pm:Update of My Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye.

4:00pm:Bath.A long one,with music to dance along in the bath too.

5:00pm:Update of They'll Tear Us Apart If You Give Them The Chance.

6:00pm:One Last Tiny Update Of This.

6:30 or so:Dinner.Plus,Radio one from the TV just in case.

7:00pm:RADIO SHOW!

9:00pm:Goodnights,then stick on a film.

After Film:Have epic dreams.

There.Planned out and ready!


Okay,MCRmy I'mma need your help.
Any of you on Instagram? Or Twitter'll do.

You see,there's an MCRmy soldier called Willow,who wants to take her life.I don't know her,but if I hear that any member of our family wants to take his / life,I try my best to help.All I need you guys to do is on instagram or twitter,use the hashtag #KeepWillowAlive.I have a plan to get it to WorldWide Trends on twitter and whatever trends lists there are for instagram (I'm not on instagram).So,that's it.

Also,I'll add in my plan somewhere of my update of Fallen Angels.I have a few ideas,thanks to song lyrics.I'll tell you them and you pick which one I'll do first.

a)Have You No Shame,Don't You See Me?

Basically,where I go around school saying Gerard is my boyfriend,and no one believes he actually is.
Title Inspiration came from:Everybody's Fool - Evanescence.

b)Call My Name And Save Me From The Dark.

I might base this off of the music video for Bring Me To Life..

c)Can You Hear Me Cry Out To You?

Another near-suicide story.I do too many of these.Do you guys think I should stop? I want to,but I think suicide is my best topic for fics because I've tried it so many times,and I know that feeling when you need someone to hold you and stuff.The Title came from This Is How I Dissapear by MCR.

d)So Long And Goodnight.

Basically,for years Gerard has layed next to me,keeping me safe whilst I sleep.He's a ghost yet only I can touch him and only he can touch me.What happens is that one night he tells me he can't visit anymore,because he feels I'm letting go,and once someone lets go they can't go back.So,for that last night he basically keeps me safe and stuff,and sings to me while I drift off to sleep.
(If you pick this plot,tell me the song you want him to sing to me and I'll pick the song that is voted the most.)

So,that is all the plots I have got from song lyrics so far.You have until 2:00pm today,that's when I'll update Fallen Angels.So pick the plot and if you pick So Long And Goodnight,you have to pick what song too.I'll do any song by any band,I'll just search up the lyrics.


xo Sadie
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