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Chapter V of The Black Mist, in which Mireille encounters the police, a bloodthirsty monster, and in turn is reminded of her true nature.

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The Black Mist
-A Junctioner: Hylianis Story-

DISCLAIMER: The Legend of Zelda, and all related characters, places, concepts, ect., mentioned within are property of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. All other original concepts presented within are property of me, myself, and I.


Mireille watched as several police cars arrived on the scene. She sat near the pay phone, watching them question Blake and Harold. As she stole nervous glances between the employee, the manager, and the police officers themselves, she rubbed her shaking fingers. Nervousness overwhelmed her as she wandered off into her thoughts once more.

Stupid! This was so stupid! They're going to find me... I'll... I'll be put back in that horrible place... Please don't take me back there....

She glanced back up at the officers, only to find one of them walking towards where she sat. Her growing fear made her feel uncomfortable as the memories of her awakening manifested once more.

"Good evening," the police officer said, "I'm Officer Vansfield. I have a few questions I'd like to ask you about the incident that occurred here."

He was a tall, lanky man, with a very toned appearance. Short blond hair covered his head as green eyes looked toward Mireille with uncertainty. Covering his body was a navy blue police uniform, with his badge pinned to the left side of his chest. Pinned to the right was his name tag, which read, "Vansfield". On each of his sleeves were the symbol of the Sacramento County Sheriff. Strapped to the belt across his waist was a leatherman, gun holster, and a two-way radio. A small pistol rested inside the holster, undisturbed.

"O-okay...," Mireille stuttered.

"Where were you when the attack in the main office began, son?"

Mireille winced.

"I'm a girl." Irritation crept into her voice. "I was in my room, sleeping. I had just woken up when I heard the shouting going on outside. I went outside to see what was going on when I saw someone pointing a gun at the clerk and his manager. I walked over to the pay phone here and dialed 911."

"My apologies, miss. So it was you who made the call?"

Mireille nodded.

"I didn't know what to do... so tried to stop him before somebody got killed. I saw him run off into the woods in that direction," Mireille continued as she pointed towards the nearby woods, "After he ran off, I waited here for you to arrive."

Vansfield got down onto one knee and straight into Mireille's eyes.

"What you did was very brave. It was also very stupid. Do you realize you could've gotten someone killed trying to take on an armed thug like that?"

Mireille sighed.

"It was either that, or have someone get killed tonight. I... I couldn't...."

"Well, may I have your name? I need it for the incident report."

"Mireille. Mireille Donovan."

Vansfield raised an eyebrow as he jotted her name down.

"There's a missing woman who goes by that name."

"I know. I-I'm... that is, she's-"

A deafening roar resounded from the woods. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned towards the woods. Mireille stood up onto her feet, as did Vansfield. Then, without further warning, a blackened beast burst forth from the grove of trees. Like a predator hunting for prey, it sniffed the air with its dog-like nose. Its eyes glowed a soulless white while its body reflected no light; it was as if it was a moving shadow. It was large, nearing the size of a horse. Large, blackened paws raked the ground with its claws as a snarl escaped razor sharp teeth.

When the beast turned toward Mireille and Vansfield, the young woman's eyes widened.

"Get down!" Mireille shouted.

Before Vansfield could react, she leaped towards him and pushed him out of the monster's warpath. It skidded across the parking lot as it let loose an angry roar. Mireille pushed herself onto her knees as she locked eyes with the beast. As blue met glowing white, a strange feeling overcame her. This feeling only became more intense as she got onto her feet.

This feeling... no!

She had felt this intoxicating sensation before. It coursed throughout her body like wildfire, streaming through her blood. This was an ancient power, untapped for many ages and wanting to be used. She held out her hands out to her sides as a lights formed in each one. When the lights faded, a sword had appeared in her left hand while a shield was attached to her right.

The creature let loose a snarl before charging towards her once again. Sparks flew from her shield as it raked its claws against the metal. It leaped on top of her as she held her sword in front of its snapping jaws. She kicked the creature off of her, sending it staggering back a few feet. With a loud battle cry, she leaped towards and attempted to cleave the monster in two. As if it were swatting a fly, she found herself thrown in mid-air towards a nearby tree.

Mireille staggered to her feet as she spotted the monster's approach through blurred vision. From deep within her mind, a force awoke. Amidst the roar and screams of the crowd nearby, she found herself enveloped in memories. Standing before her was a beautiful fountain, dimly lit by two torches. Surrounding the fountain was a mystical cascade of energy. On the ground in front of the fountain was the familiar symbol of the three triangles. That was when she saw him.

A small, pointed cap hung down from the boy's head as a matching emerald tunic clothed his body. Leather boots covered his feet, while a knife-sized sword and a shield hung from his back. In his hands was a small brown instrument. Blond hair hung over his closed eyes as he played a song on this instrument.

As the song echoed throughout the fountain, a shrill laughter filled the air and the room brightened up. She watched the boy brace himself for what was about to happen. Before his eyes, a pink-haired woman covered in leaves burst forth from the fountain. She floated in the air and looked down at the boy who looked on in disbelief.

'I am the Great Fairy of Power. I am going to grant you a sword technique. Receive it now!'

The moment the words left her mouth, the scene shifted to a battle field. There, she saw the boy—now a man—attacking a group of monsters. In his hands were a familiar sword and shield. The silver of the blade glimmered in the light of the sun, save for the mark of the three triangles near its base. A yellow gem rested near the wing-like cross guard, which was a deep indigo. The hilt of the blade was also indigo, while strands of green leather wrapped around the handle.

Like the sword, the shield was also mostly blue, save for the steel fastened at its edges as well as the set of jagged designs near its top. The same symbol etched into the base of the blade adorned the top portion of the shield. A red bird emblem rested below the symbol above a small inverted triangle near the bottom. He held his glade out behind him as he concentrated. Energy surrounded the blade, growing brighter and more intense with each passing moment. With a cry, he spun the sword around him in a circle and released the cyclone of energy.

What... what the hell?

Just as quickly as the episode began, it ended, and Mireille found herself pulled back into reality as the beast continued to charge after her in the center of the parking lot. She pulled her sword back, and closed her eyes in concentration. Imitating the figure from the vision before, a stream of mystical energy began to encircle the blade. The power streaming within her continued to pour itself around the blade and as the energy intensified, the beast leaped into the air. Her eyes snapped open, and she spun her body in a circle. The energy followed the blade as it was unleashed from the blade spinning around her.

The crowd of people outside watched with shock and awe as the monster was thrown backwards. Mireille raced towards the creature and began to slash it repeatedly. As it howled in pain, it grabbed her arm and lifted her into the air with one of its claws. Its body contorted and morphed as it stood on two legs. With its free claw, it impaled her through her torso. A strangled cry escaped Mireille's lips as her mouth filled with blood.

From within her body, another force manifested. The beast roared as it pulled its claw back, revealing it had been burned away. With her last ounce of strength, she stabbed the creature with her sword once before gripping its face. An eerie white light emanated from her body and snaked into the creature. The blackness of its body melted away, and it could do little more than howl one last time as it became no more.

When the light faded, the figure of the thug appeared. Mireille dropped his unconscious body onto the ground, and she fell forward. The sword and shield faded into light as she lay on the ground motionless. As a puddle of blood formed from where she lay, screams filled the air.

'Someone call an ambulance!'

'My God, what just happened....'

That was when Mireille felt it. She screamed in pain as the light snaked out of her body and moved towards her torso. A bright light surrounded her abdomen as her eyes snapped shut in an attempt to block the pain that wracked her body. Moments later, the pain faded. Mireille opened her eyes and looked at her torso. The wound was gone; the only thing that could be seen was the gaping whole in her sweater and the emerald green fabric underneath, untouched by the battle.

"Dear holy mother of God...."

"He isn't human...."

The words stabbed her like a thousand knives going into her heart. She could not comprehend what just occurred... and neither could anyone else. Here she was, supposed to be dead, and yet she continued to live.


She staggered backward as a terrified expression formed on her face.


Her hands clutched the hood of her sweater as her fear exploded.


With a startled cry, she darted off into the woods opposite of where the beast emerged.

"Wait!" Harold shouted.

Vansfield held him back, and the manager returned him an incredulous look.

"Stay where you are," the police officer ordered, "We don't know how many more of those creatures are out there."

"But what about... that...."

Vansfield closed his eyes as the various guests at the hotel erupted in panic.

"You saw that thing! It... it wasn't even human!"

"Are... are those the monsters from Brume?"

"Who was that guy?"

"Is that mist... going to spread to here?"

"The apocalypse is upon us!"

"Everyone, /calm down/," Vansfield began, "I don't know what's going on any more than you do, but panicking about what happened tonight isn't going to solve anything. I want everyone to gather their things and come with me to the station. It's not safe here."

As the evacuation went underway, the police officer mused on the events of the night.

That woman... I hope for her sake, she stays out of Brume. Not even the military could save that place.

He walked over to the unconscious body of the thug.

This is outside of anyone's league... I've lost a lot of friends trying to figure out what's going on over there.

Turning the body over, he realized that it was that of a young man. Very faintly, the lawman could hear his breathing. A sense of relief crept up from within; he was alive after all.

I don't know what she did to that thing, but somehow... she turned him back to normal.

Vansfield's thoughts continued to race as people raced out of their hotel rooms.

Are all those monsters people? If so, is there any other way to save them?

As guests quickly grabbed their things and piled into cars, Vansfield mused over the situation as he grabbed the body of the unconscious thug and placed him in the back of his squad car. He drove away from the hotel, followed by a stream of other cars behind him.

Just what the hell is going on?
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