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Chapter VI of The Black Mist, in which Mireille remembers more of her past as she further struggles with her new existence.

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The Black Mist
-A Junctioner: Hylianis Story-

DISCLAIMER: The Legend of Zelda, and all related characters, places, concepts, ect., mentioned within are property of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto. All other original concepts presented within are property of me, myself, and I.


Sirens blared into the complex as Mireille ran down the hall, unsure of where she was going. The floppy green cap that adorned her head billowed in the air, like a tail that followed her where ever she went. Adrenaline surged throughout her body as panic overwhelmed her senses. This complex was maze like, with hundreds of doors down each hall, secured with a card reader.

Off into the distance, she saw a bright light emanating from an open room. When she ran inside, she spotted two men in lab coats talking to one another. The moment the two of them turned around, terrified expressions formed on their faces. Around them were various vials, globules, and microscopes, while the walls and floors were a sterile white. Near them was an intercom with a small red button at the bottom. In their hands were small clipboards, which held information regarding lab results.

"It's here!"

"Oh dear God, please don't hurt us!"

An exasperated expression formed on Mireille's face as she approached.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Mireille replied, "I just want to know the way out of here."

Their expression shifted to one of confusion as they peered at the transformed woman. Mireille found herself growing more frantic by the second.

"They're coming. Please, I don't have much time...."

As she stepped forward, the scientists took a step back, unsure of what to make of the transformed woman before them. For a brief moment a faint flicker of hope appeared amidst the panic and confusion that had overtaken Mireille's thoughts. That flicker died when armed guards burst into the room.

"There he is!"

"No!" Mireille shouted.

The sound of gunfire filled the room as the confused woman leaped over a table and knocked it over. She ducked and covered her head with her hands as bullets tore through the table, like a saw cutting through wood. Panic threatened to overtake her once more as the shots came closer and closer to where she was hiding. Fearing for her life she squeezed her eyes shut as she attempted to think of a way out of her predicament.

That was when she felt it. From deep within her being, a power manifested itself. It streamed throughout her blood like a powerful river, and she found herself unable to resist the intoxicating sensations that came with it. Her thoughts became as sharp as a knife as an image presented itself in her mind as clear as day.

In her mind's eye, she saw a boy, wearing the same outfit she herself wore. Determined blue eyes peered out from underneath bangs of blond hair as monsters she had never seen before circled him. With a confidence she had never before witnessed, he put one foot in front of him as he moved his hands toward his opposite leg. A small flame appeared in his hand, and she watched as he pulled his left fist over his head. He slammed his fist into the ground, and a dome of flame exploded from his palm, engulfing the area.

Mireille's eyes snapped open. A warm sensation spread across the back of her left hand as she stood up. She held her hands up as she looked at the guards, who cocked their rifles at her. As they moved closer, Mireille stepped back.

"Please don't shoot!" Mireille cried out, "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry!"

"You're going to be sorry when Palmgate is through with you, freak."

Mireille's eyes widened as time seemed to slow down. She watched their leader begin to pull the trigger on his gun. As power continued to stream throughout her body, she looked on in terror.

"No... no!"

Like a reflex, she put her left foot in front of her and pulled her hands behind her other leg. She felt heat begin to build up in her hands as energy weaved through them like a needle through thread.

"Get away from me!"

She pulled her left fist over her hand and slammed it into the ground, just as the figure did in her vision. Fire exploded around her, throwing the guards backwards in the now-vacant room. As their bodies scorched with flame, a sudden torrent of water rained down on everyone inside; the emergency sprinkler system had been activated. The smell of burning wood consumed the air even amidst the water that showered the area. She stormed out of the room as fear and nausea built up in her stomach.

What... what the hell? What did I just do...? What's happening to me?

In a fit of desperation, she sprinted down the myriad halls as fast as her legs could carry her. Just as she was about to become lost again, she spotted a set of black double doors off into the distance. She ran towards the doors, bursting through them with all of the strength she possessed. As she traveled further down the hall beyond it, she spotted a large chain link gate outside. When she had seen that the gate was still open, Mireille felt elated; soon, freedom would be hers, and this nightmare she had awoken to would finally come to an end.

That was, until she spotted the gate slowly closing in front of her. Feelings of dread took root as she desperately tried to quicken her pace to no avail. As the gate closed in front of her, she clung to the fence and cried out in fear. Tears streamed down her face and she found herself unable to contain her terror any longer.

The sound of footsteps resounded behind her, which were swiftly followed by the sound of cocked guns. With a whimper Mireille turned around and faced the wall of armed guards before her. As she stared into the barrels of their guns, she fell into despair. Like a cornered animal awaiting its demise, Mireille found herself unable to do anything but sob.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone... please... don't kill me... I don't want to die...."

Clinging to the fence behind her, she watched as a new figure approached. It was a tall man, with slick black hair combed to the sides of his head. Steel grey eyes looked into her own with amusement and intrigue. A navy blue business suit clothed his body, as did the dress pants that covered his legs. Dark shoes, polished to a mirror shine, glistened in the lights that lit up the outside of the building. In his hands was an ancient book covered with strange glyphs and symbols.

As Mireille laid eyes on the strange man, images filled her mind- of a comet passing over a luxury yacht, and a man screaming in agony. The images shifted and turned as that same young man battled the figure in green. Like a mirror shattering, she felt the man's psyche fall apart before her very eyes. Along with these images came feelings of animosity toward the figure before her, as well as a name.


The transformed woman's mind reeled in confusion, not understanding what had just transpired. She had never seen this man before in her life, and could not grasp why she felt such intense anger towards him. Within the back of her mind, something stirred. Unable to comprehend the sensations that now filled her, she could do little more than transfix her gaze on the enigmatic figure and his book.

One of the soldiers turned towards the man and spoke.

"Orders, sir?"

The man looked back at Mireille with a sly grin.

"Kill him."

A terrified scream escaped Mireille's lips as all of the soldiers opened fire. Bullets and blood sprayed the air, tearing holes into her body. As she fell limp onto the ground, a puddle of blood formed beneath her, staining her tunic crimson. She felt her vision darkening as warmth began to leave her body. The soldiers, content that their target was dead, made their way back into the complex.

Moments later, pain unimaginable tore through her dying body. Tendrils of light snaked out her body and embraced her torso. Clutching her body, she cried out in agony.

"What's happening to me?!"

The guards turned around as expressions of dread formed on their faces.

"He can't be alive... we killed him!"

"Dear sweet Jesus, what the hell is this thing?!"

Amidst the pain that tore through her flesh, another vision took hold of her. Enthralled by ancient memories and otherworldly power, Mireille's body trembled as she placed her left foot in front of her. As she moved her hands toward her right leg, a blue light glimmered within. Energy once more flowed from her hands even as her body continued to tremble. Squeezing her eyes shut, she raised her hands above her head. Shortly afterwards she crossed her legs and lowered her hands to the ground.

A scream escaped her lips as she raised her hands of the ground. Bullets once again flew through the air as a crystal encased her body. She braced herself for further attack, only to hear the sound of bullets ricocheting off of glass. As bullets bounced every which way off of the crystal, Mireille lowered her hands and looked upon it with surprise and shock.

Holy crap.

Bullets continued to fly from the barrier and into both the men shooting as well as the surrounding vehicles. As hundreds of bullets tore through the engine of a nearby hum-vee, the vehicle exploded in a ball of fire. Like a set of dominoes falling, other vehicles within close proximity also exploded, sending debris flying. Out of the corner of her eye, one such explosion tore into the fence encompassing the complex.

Mireille's mind leaped at the sight of freedom at last. She dashed towards the destroyed portion of fence and ran down the field outside. Off into the distance she spotted a grove of trees. Stopping at a nearby tree, she breathed in gulps of air while clutching her torso. Mireille turned around, and watched from a distance as more explosions quaked through the air. She collapsed onto the ground as she let loose a strangled cry towards the heavens.


Mireille jumped over a fallen log as she raced through the woods. Pain wracked her torso, and soon afterwards, she found herself unable to keep up her current pace. She collapsed onto the ground, an expression of agony forming on her face. Her mind continued to drift into the memories of her recent past, unable to make sense of the events that unfolded both at the hotel and the moment of her awakening.

It's just like that horrible night. I should be dead... but I'm not....

Several questions continued to repeat themselves in her mind:

...What am I? What have I become? Why am I like this?

As the morning sun rose through the fog, her thoughts drifted elsewhere.

Please help me, Grandpa... I'm scared. I don't want to become a monster....


The sound of her boots clicking against the concrete echoed throughout the air as Mireille made her way down a stretch of road. What was once fog had turned to dark mist. A sickening feeling of unease welled up within her stomach, and she found herself unable to ignore the stagnant smell of the air around her. As she continued down the road, she passed by a sign—it said, "Welcome to Brume, the Misty City. Population: 50,000."

As she gazed at the sign, a single question nagged at her thoughts:

Where is everyone?
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