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Fun Filled Day (Not.)

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Here is...stuff...

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So,here is my second update of today.
I don't know,I'm bored.

Okay,so if you guys may know.
I wrote a poem,Questions And Answers,for Liz.
I just,I want to see her happy again.
We may not know eachother in real life,yet I care about any and all Ficwaddians,andif any of you talk about suicide or self-harm,I will try and stop you.I've been through self-harm before,you know that,and I know I say I'm gonna kill myself,yet I never do.
Do you know why?
It's because I can never find the strength,to throw away all of you guys.
You guys have become my whole life,and you guys save me.
You are all my heroes,okay? and that's what I'll be to you.
Axel reviewed it by the way,he seems cool.

Now,I have planned out my day.
It's midday now,over here,so I'm wasting time.
Right,here we go.

12:30 - Sims 3 pets. (I'm creating a new save file with me and a band member,which one though? Kellin or Andy?)

1:30/2:30 - Twitter.

3:30 - Update on My Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye.

4:30 - Skyrim.

5:30 - Cover of This Ain't A Scene for Liz.

6:30 - Update of Oneshots Of The Romance (It'll be Sash today okay? Sam or Ash if you have a specific plot,just tell me okay?)

7:30 - More Twitter.

8:30 - Chatting to Mia on Facebook (if she's on at that time..)

9:00 - Ficwad party,AJ's one,if she is online.

10:00 - Movie time.

then after the movie I'll go to bed.

So,it's nearly 12:30 so it'll be sims time soon! just need to know what band member to have as a husband.

(Also,if I have kids,I'll name them after you guys :3)

So,have a nice day.

(PS:has anyone seen my new bio? cool huh?)

xx Sadie
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