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Fun Filled Day (Not.)

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Here is...stuff...

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  • Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

    (#) Poppana 2013-03-16 02:21:31 PM

    SKYRIM. I was just playing. Just started a new game a few weeks ago. Level 27, female, high elf, mage.

    Author's response


    I'm a level 10 (i think) female,who is a nord (i think) mage.

    that's on the ps3.

    I have a bunch of horses too.

    I'm leader of the companions,and leader of that cannibal coven,forgot what its called..
  • Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

    (#) ColorfulShadow 2013-03-16 02:24:19 PM

    Ha! I have the Sims 3 Supernatural and I'm basically doing the pregnancy challenge. I'm going to name my children after people here too!

    Author's response


    I had a save file,me and danger days gerard bc on the ps3 you can't get revenge era hairstyles..

    I did well too,I had three kids called Destroya,Helena and Frankie Iero,and a dog called Revenge.

    I lost the save file today..

    But I made a new one,with me and Andy Biersack with his hair from the knives and pens music video.My dog on there is Fallen Angel.

  • Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

    (#) ColorfulShadow 2013-03-16 02:26:33 PM

    And I'm getting the Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack either today or tomorrow.
  • Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

    (#) Poppana 2013-03-16 02:29:09 PM

    I've joined the companions, thieves' guild and the mages' college, and the dark brotherhood so far :D Haven't finished any of those quest lines, though. I've just been exploring and doing minor quests.

    By cannibal coven do you mean the Namira quest where you get Namira's Ring? I love that quest.

    What's your Dragonborn's name? Mine is called Berenite.

    Author's response

    I'm Esmarelda :)

    I'm wishing the ps3 version of skyrim had multiplayer,we could play together.

    I don't do many of the quests on skyrim,I just explore.

    That's what I mean't by cannibal coven,Namira's quest.

    I also,on skyrim,have a hunter dog called Vigilance that I got from the Markarth stables.

  • Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

    (#) Poppana 2013-03-16 02:38:26 PM

    Oh I play on Xbox, but I didn't know there's a multiplayer option O_O I know the online version thingy is in beta testing, I would've signed up if my PC could handle it...

    I want a dog, too, but I'm so scared of him dying. But I don't know if I can have a dog at home? Maybe I can. I know there's at least one immortal dog, the one in that daedric quest, he'd be pretty cool.
    I can't have a horse either because I cry when they die :( The only horse I can have is the one you get from Dark Brotherhood, because she's immortal kind of.

    Are you with the Imperials or the Stormcloaks? And do you have a house or a husband/wife yet?? I'm on the market for a husband, but I don't know who to pick... The one I really want isn't an option (Thrynn from Theives' Guild, REALLY hot).

    Author's response

    I'm not with the imperials or stormcloaks,and I have no house.But! I have keys to diferent houses,so i sleep in there.

    I have no husband,but I'd say the easiest guy to get would be the blacksmith in Riften.All ya gotta do is get 10 fire salts.
  • Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

    (#) Poppana 2013-03-16 02:45:27 PM

    Do you have the expansions? Hearthfire and Dragonborn?

    I love the Riften blacksmith, he seems like a good fella. But I think I need a orc for a husband. A real, proper, orc warrior. Problem is, there are only three orc men available for marriage and I've already murdered one of them, and the other two are not hot enough for my elf.
  • Diary Of A Teenage Fangirl.

    (#) BeccaIsNotOnFire 2013-03-16 02:59:23 PM

    I have loads of Sims 3 games from when I had my last laptop but when that broke and I got a netbook instead I couldn't play them anymore ;-;

    But I'mma try and get a disk drive for my netbook so I can play them again :D I have Sims 3 ambitions, generations xxx

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