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Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

by MCR-99 12 Reviews

I'm sobbing right now..

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2013/03/23 - Updated: 2013/03/23 - 83 words


  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) HatedEyes 2013-03-23 08:26:49 AM

    Sadie, no. Email me. You are not going to do this.
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) Poppana 2013-03-23 08:28:48 AM

    Wait, what? You're going to kill yourself because your favorite band broke up? I get it, they're really important to you, they saved your life, but how do you think they would feel if they knew that none of it mattered? That they helped all these people and saved lives and all, and now because they chose not to continue a band that had been around for like over ten years, everyone they saved just drops dead? That's not what it's about.
    I realize you're heartbroken, but didn't they do enough? Personally I feel like they deserve at least this much respect from their fans. Their music is still there, the message didn't go anywhere. We all knew they can't keep doing this forever. There ARE other things to live for.
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) HatedEyes 2013-03-23 08:29:09 AM

    Sadie. Fuck, babe, email me.
    Email me right fucking now, I'm not going to let you lose yourself.
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) HatedEyes 2013-03-23 08:44:49 AM

    Sadie, fuck, reply to my email.
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2013-03-23 09:15:21 AM

    Sadie, you didn't let me kill myself, and I'm not gonna sit here and let you get away with killing yourself either.
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) WayIeroFan 2013-03-23 09:31:26 AM

    I feel the same fucken way. That was the first thing that went through my head and I naged my arms against the walls in attempt to break my arm just to kill some of the pain in my chest.
    But please dont do it. You have us and other MCR fans.
    A fellow person who wants to "go away"
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) submissveone 2013-03-23 09:47:33 AM

    Hey! email me Talk to me or someone above. Just because they broke up doesn't mean the power their music created to save lives since they became mcr to the end of times will ever go away. They saved me from my darkest days and help me survive even today. talk to me
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) ATinyTerror 2013-03-23 10:23:40 AM

    Hey i dont even know you but you can email me too! .this id definately not ok dude.they would want you to stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.we all know how you feel we know is heartbreaking and devistating but please dont do anything of that would defeat the entire purpouse of this band we all love so much who want toSAVE OUR LIVES not destroy please take care of yourself tonight there are people who you obviously care about here who also care about you.please be safe sorry if review reposts a dozen times
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) timeywimey27 2013-03-23 10:33:39 AM

    I don't know you but email me please
    and anyone out there who needs support, please
  • Goodbye,My Chemical Romance..

    (#) Sam41 2013-03-23 08:57:13 PM

    Sadie. Stop
    I'm not going to go all phsyco one up on you; but you have to realize hun that MCR isn't gone forever
    They'll be back, and if not it's up to you and the rest of the fans to keep the spirit alive, keep the fire burning, because you know what? Killjoys never die

    But I get it, I've lost 2 influencial bands, one of which will NEVER come back (R.I.P Mitch), but I got over it; no matter if their gone forever, on hiatus, or broke up; the stuff they've done for you will outrun the pain of losing them if you think about it.
    Think about those people who you've interacted with due to them, think of all the good times.
    Don't dwell on the bad, think of the best things that MCR has done for you, trust me it helps (I've been there twice)

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