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Don't skip this. READ.

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So,as there has been an idea for the thing for Monday,I decided on my own one.

Don't know the original plan?

Well,read on.

So,on March 25th,wear any and ALL MCR merch,or if you can't do that (or you have school n shit) you write on your wrist,any wrist, 'Forever March On'.

March is capitalised because it marks the month we heard this news.

Here's my idea,which I will take part in.

So,I want as many people as possible to do this.

Now,on March 25th (which,by the way,will be the 8-month aniversary of becoming an MCR fan.) I want you to fucking sing.In school,at work,at the park,I don't care.It has to be public,to show everyone that you're not afraid to keep on living,and you can keep fighting.Sing the MCR song that saved your life,for me it'll be Famous Last Words.I've planned it,and I will do it.


Now,for depressing news.

Taylor (tdeely or however it is spelt) is in hospital because of all this.
She tried to kill herself,by an overdose and cutting.
I heard the news from her Mum.
I just..I can't believe this would happen.
I also,don't know if it's true or not,heard on twitter that 3 other people have commited suicide.
But,I'mma keep going.
I have to,there's no use in giving in.
They may stop making music together,but that doesn't mean they won't stop caring.Even if they never gave a real explanation for what happened.

Plus,Sleeping With Sirens are making me happier today.

I'm still keeping the merch though,for the memories,and in case I get cold or have nothing else to wear.


So,who is gonna take part in my idea?

XX Sadie.

(Also,I'll update WYPSAPBM tomorrow,I totally lost the idea when I heard the news..)
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