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Sorting shit out..

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Ugh. You guys got the wrong idea!

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Alright,so let me just clear this the fuck up.

Guys,you got it all wrong.

Sure,I took down my posters and things,but they're still in my room.They're in my cupboard,and I'm not gonna get rid of them.

I still like MCR,I'll still listen to them,just not as much as I used to.I just,I don't see the point of loving a band who doesn't make any more music,and who aren't around anymore.

Now,you guys are gonna say "that's stipid" or "that's pathetic".

But,it's my opinion.

You guys are gonna say "they'll come back"but they won't.

Frank even said himself,on

Guys,you gotta let go,move on.

I still love them,and stuff,but I think it's time I moved on.I didn't really listen to them much anyway.

Now,I'll prepare for your hate.
I don't give a shit really,I've grown up.
I'm not that little over-reacting bitch anymore.I've moved on.
I will still keep the memories though,don't forget that.


Okay,let me try this again..

Now,I'll still listen to MCR,in times of need and stuff,just,I won't listen to them every day,like I used to.Maybe once or twice a week or something.
Now,what I mean't by above.
I still love MCR,but I won't really be the big fan I used to.
The excitement of knowing there was a new album or something,is what really drew me in.
And,I'll still write fics about them,the odd one-shots and stuff,but not all the time,some of the time.
MCR are still the band that saved my life,but I need new saviours,I guess.

Does this sound a little..I dunno...better than what was up there?

I dunno,my mind is really wack right now..
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