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current mood - epically awesome because it's now the Easter holidays woo!

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Guess what?
I'm on the Easter holiday now! What would you Americans call it? Spring Break, right? I'm not even an American so don't ask how I knew this.

So, let's get the magical journey of my school day over with!

First was Assembly. We were supposed to have a whole school one, but we didn't in the end. In assembly there were awards and shit, and I got a fucking cramp in my leg jeez..

After Assembly I had Maths. It was easy! Our table were talking about our fave little kiddie shows, it was just fun. I can be such a little kid sometimes it's unbelieveable..

After Maths was Drama. We did drama games today. First we played the game where there's someone in the middle of the circle with a set of keys and a roll of newspaper and you had to get the keys without getting hit. After that we played Bang, then we played Honey I Love You, a game I fucking hate. No seriously, I try and avoid actually playing. After that we played this game where someone makes a rhythm and the 'detective' had to guess who it is, but it's hard because everyone else repeats the rhythm. After that we played Fluffy Bunnies, where someone is out of the room or behind a curtain and someone else has to say 'fluffy bunnies' in a different voice than their own, then the whole class moves around. Our final game was Budge, and I was playing the cat and I didn't want to so I fucking sat in the corner, everyone was pissed at me but did it look like I gave a shit? No.

At break, I read Kerrang and Chyna, Lucy and Andrea came and sat by me. Here is the conversation.

Lucy: Hey Sadie what you listening to?

Me: Music.

Lucy: Yeah, what music? Rock music?

Me: (shows her my phone, the song was PTV's Hell Above)

later on during this conversation..

Lucy: Have you ever heard of.. what are they called.. Black Veil Brides?

Me: (slowly nodding) Yeah..

Chyna: They're scary..

(at that moment I was like 'You fucking what?')

Chyna: Have you heard of Blood On The Dancefloor?

Me: Yeah.

Chyna: I don't like them, they're scary..

(at that minute I was like 'YOU AGREE WITH MEEE!')

Chyna: You like My Chemical Romance don't you?

Me: Yeah.

Lucy: What are their names?

Me: (Not answering..)

Chyna + Lucy: (leaves me alone)

So, yeah. That was my break time.

After break I had English. We had a cover teacher and we did an assesment, but I got to leave 5 minutes early because I'm in the top 100, and you get this pass thing where you can leave early for lunch each Thursday. Yes!

Lunch, I sat alone. That was it, that was all I did.

After lunch was French. We had crepes today and I had 2. I had an After-Eight special, which has mint ice cream, an after eight chocolate, choclate spread and whipped cream. It was delicious! The second one I had had vanilla ice cream, an after eight chocolate, chocolate spread and whipped cream in it. That was nice too!

Final lesson was PE. We had choices today and I did benchball. Our team lost all three games but we lost with pride because we tried. He he, I did a rhyme there.

On my way home, Jordan, Amber and this boy kept fucking annoying me, by hitting me on the back of the head and laughing at me. I would've been okay with it, if they weren't louder than my music! I was about to cross over to the other side of the road when I saw my Mum so I decided to ride with her. We drove to my stepdad's friend to get money or something, I don't know, first. I had my music on so I wasn't bored. Then we went to the MOT place because Mum needs an MOT on the car, so we did that, then we got a taxi home. At home, I had a bath, and I smell like a fucking blueberry now oh my fucking God. I also got shower gel in my mouth and it tasted horrid. Also, I got deoderant taste in my mouth too, yuck. So, that was my day.

Now, before the reader comments, I got two people doing the oneshot trade, and they are BloodyAbattoir and RyanCyanideKiller. BloodyAbattoir wants a Ronnie Radke x Andy Six oneshot, but I don't know anything about the pairing, I didn't even know it was a pairing to be honest. So, you don't mind changing the pairing do you, BloodyAbattoir? Here are the pairings I can do:

- Sash (sash is now allowed in this by the way :3)

- Frerard.

- Waycest. (if you want it to be that way..)

- Fria.

- Frasmine.

- Frikey.

- Any band member that I know with one of you guys!

So, here are the readers comments for yesterdays post!

RyanCyanideKiller Wrote:

"I've been in a hotel for like three days because my brother's boyfriend was in a car accident."

my reply was:


well, hope he feels better soon! hope he survived!

I dunno I have too much empathy for others.. even if I don't know them."

HatedEyes wrote:

"oh oh oh HI SADIE."

RyanCyanideKiller (in reply to me) wrote:

"Yeah, he's fine. He woke up two nights ago. :) I'm the same way with the empathy."

my reply was:

"So we are one!

Kind of.

god this empathy thing is so weird and annoying ugh"

RyanCyanideKiller (in reply to me AGAIN) wrote:

"I hate telling people about problems I'm having because I feel like everyone else is way more important than me."

my reply was:

"Dude, it's good to tell people about problems you're having. Then, they can help you with them!"

RyanCyanideKiller (AGAIN..) wrote:

"But I feel like I bother people. xD"

Poppana wrote:

"Nikita is probably the best name I have ever heard of.

"Fail with pride and lose with dignity." - Sadie Hobbit. I feel like your lastname sounded like something that sounded like Hobbit.

Today I visited my ex-boyfriend in prison, so I had a pretty fly day myself. I feel uber stressed though, you feel me bro?"

Obsessive-Fangirl wrote:

"It's my last day of school today!"

atomickilljoy wrote:

"It was my last day of school on Friday. XD."


So, that was my day!

How was your day, epic people around the world of Fanfiction?

xx Sadie
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