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Fact's About The Life Of This Awkward Brit.

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Read. It was top top secret, until NOW.

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Here, reader.
You get to know about my life facts. It was top secret, hidden deep in the depths of my heart and soul, until now.
I trust you guys enough.

1. I have tried to kill myself about 7 times, and would have relapsed again last night for some weird reason, if it wasn't for Sleeping With Sirens playing. C: thank yous Sleeping With Sirens, thank yous very muchies!

2. I can see myself jump off of buildings and stuff, and die. It is right there in front of me, and only I can see it. I see myself die in many different forms.

3. I'm taller than my own mother.

4. I am dating a poster in my room, guess which one it is?

5. My lifeline is music. It keeps me alive, and I can relate to some songs.

6. I still love Spongebob Squarepants, that show was my fucking childhood and still is.

7. I may be british, but I speak American when I read stuff. Don't ask why, it's just weird.

8. I've wished for band members for my birthday and christmas, and still haven't recieved them yet.

9. My relationship with the poster I am dating is very serious, even if we have been together a month.. (that gave you clues as to which poster it is :3)

10. I love Kellin Quinn more than my own family.

11. I may, or may not, have caused my cousins to fangirl over my Kellin Quinn poster everytime they visit now.

12. Everytime my cousins come over, I will now have to take my Kellin poster off the wall and hide it in my room, so they don't become like me when they grow up..

13. Vic Fuentes is my spirit animal, the dude is legit cool.

14. I have Bandsomnia. I can't sleep because I worry about bands too much sometimes.

15. I have made up religions dedicated to many bands, and I have countries dedicated to them too. For example: SleepingWithSirenism and Sirentopia, PeirceTheVeilism and Veiltopia, BlackVeilBridanity and The Land Of The Wild Ones and many more.. care to join my religions and countries? I'm creating the ten commandments for each of these religions too :)

16. I'm the god damn fucking Pope of Laziness, bow down to me!

So, this is me and all my randomness. Now, I shall fade into the mist, singing Iris by SWS..

And I don't want the world to see me
Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's mean't to be broken
I just want you to know who I am..

(Mia, Sadie reccomends you listen to this.. just type into youtube 'Sleeping With Sirens Iris' and click on one of the videos that shows up with the song.. Sadie approves this message!)
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