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Guess who feels fucking sick? Yep, me.
I haven't been sick, I just feel it.
My mouth has a horrid dry feeling too, yuck.

So, I'mma do another collage thingy today, with all the fanbase I'm in. But, I have a small problem.
Okay, so I have no idea what the PTV, SWS, FVK, A7X, BFS, S41, b182, SS, BMTH, WATIC, Papa Roach, New Found Glory and Paramore fanbases are called. All I know is MCR's fanbase name (MCRmy/Killjoys), 30STM fanbase name (Echelon), Green Day fanbase name (Idiots) and BVB fanbase name (BVB army)

So, help me with the names please?

Also, my next art peice, which I'mma start as soon as I finished this post, is of all my heroes! Some will be of musicians, and the rest'll be you guys!

Or, maybe I'll do the hero collage later tonight, after my fanbase collage.

So, let's do an game.
Today: Fuck, Marry, Kill with band members / pop stars.

Here is the linky-dink to my :

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