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Skyrim update number 3.

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Well, my game froze, but here's what happened before then.

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Skyrim Update - 3rd Update.

Well, today my game froze. But, here is what happened before then. First, Esmarelda and her husband Vilkas went to the orphanage in Riften, called Honorhall Orphanage. There, I made Vilkas kill Grelod the Kind, because she was a horrid old woman, and I wanted one of the kids there, but I can't adopt any of them on the ps3 version of the game. It was funny after Grelod died though, as the kind young woman, I forgot her name, started running around panicking and I was just stood there like 'umm..' but in my room, in real life, I couldn't stop laughing. I then travelled back to Whiterun, where, kind me, stole money from Vilkas' room. Oh, what a nice wife I am, huh? Then, I did a job for Aela, I had to clear an Ice Wraith out of Hod's house in Riverwood. I got that done easily. Then, I hunted with Aela to try and find the Totems of Hircine, at which point during the cave, the game froze. Ugh. And I didn't save it either, so I gotta do that all again!

That's all for Skyrim.
I'll be playing Sims later, at about maybe 5pm my time, so at about 7pm, I'll update on that, then at 8pm will be the fun party thing! I know, I think, for sure that Becca, Nikki and Abbie will be coming, if they are on at that time, and I think Sam is coming too, and AJ. So, I got like 5 people. Any other takers, anyones welcome.

Also, my ask account is ready to be spammed with Qs, and random stuffs:

And, I really should change my picture, shouldn't I? Yeah.
I could either have Kellin, though he's my DP on twitter, or I could have Andy Biersack.
Yeah, I'll have him, I got a very nice picture of him.

PS: Still waiting for oneshots. Liz, you still writing mine? I know Ryan's is nearly done, he told me yesterday, and I'll be writing Jazzy's now, along with Mia's after. Becca, do you want a oneshot too, while I'm at it? I don't mind, I can think of awesome plots, you know me. Plus, I can get inspiration from songs too, to give me that massive shove into the oneshot world. So.. That's it for this diary update then.

I leave you a bit of the song I am listening to.

Promises that you can't keep, it's getting holder to hold on.
You said it, you said it, don't ever let me fall.
Don't you burn because you'll losing.

You haven't lost.

Do you know what song that came from?

I do!

Well, of course you do..

Oh, shut up Gerard. Yep, he's back. And bugging me more than ever.

Well, you cheated on me, so what did you think I'd do?


See how he gets at times?

rolls eyes

K me will go now.
xx Sadie
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