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The Morning After...

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Woah, last night was CRA-ZY.

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at my party, I mean.

Here's what happened.

First, I let out the band members. Nikki and Liz didn't want any, then Jazzy and Becca came in like 'gimme gimme gimme!'. Becca ran off to the FicWad house bathroom with Dan and Mikey, and we could hear her! But, I was already in my room with 4 band members, you know the ones ;). Nikki was sat there awkwardly, and Jazzy randomly said the Red Bull gives you boobs, which was so funny. Then, Liz said that she never had Red Bull so how does she get boobs, then we tried to figure out how. My theory was that Axel was a ghost, and gave Red Bull to her, and then, we considered that being a movie. Would you guys watch it though? I sure would. Then, I brought up the conversation of the SWS cover of the Cee Lo Green song, and Liz and Nikki said that Fuck You is really Forget You, but it was censored and made clean for the TV and stuff, and I was like 'PART OF MY LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE!'. Well, this isn't the first time in the music world I've been lied to. Firstly, after nearly a month or so, I've been saying Jamie from PTV's name wrong. It isn't pronounced Jay-me. It's Hi-me. Wow, lies.. Then, I discovered Kellin Quinn's real real name. Quinn, isn't his last name. Y DID U LIE TO ME?

Last night was awesome, and I wanna do that again sometime. I actually will, join me on Friday guys! at 8pm! In England! I'm making that night crazy, SUGAR AND BAND MEMBERS ARE ALLOWED. NO ABSINENCE EITHER. (Wow, I'm the complete oppisite of AJ..)

Anyway. Last night, I learned two new things.
I learned what Pansexual and Genderfluid means.


Alrighty then, today, I got stuff to write and I'mma play Skyrim too.

fading into the mist..
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