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RIP Rodziie-Fish

by AlexisSCREAM 5 Reviews

Read on for depressing childish crap

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  • The Tale Of The Lonely Gazebosaurus

    (#) xXchickenwithatacoXx 2013-04-02 10:44:13 PM

    Nikki, don't ever, ever feel like this is childish crap. It's not. I totally get how you feel. When my betta Mikey died, . . . I cried for hours.

    I love animals and I can tell you do too. I'm so sorry Roderick died. I hate to sound negative, but their won't be another fish like him. That's okay though. I hope he has a nice burial and everything.

    xx Kitty

    Author's response

    It just feels childish...

    I know there won't be, and I don't want to replace him because that's impossible. I've tried that before.

    A burial? With family like mine? He'll be lucky to have his body removed from that pond. My family are heartless cunts.

  • The Tale Of The Lonely Gazebosaurus

    (#) xXchickenwithatacoXx 2013-04-02 10:55:44 PM

    Well, it's not. Sorry if I sound like a bitch. .

    Me too. I'm super sensitive and I don't get over anything. :P

    Tell your family Kitty said to suck her nonexistent dick. They should care about their daughter's feelings.

    Author's response


    I don't get over death. I still cry for one of my old dogs and she died years ago...

    I actually just laughed. But to my mother, I'm invisible excpet when she wants to yell at me, so...

  • The Tale Of The Lonely Gazebosaurus

    (#) xXchickenwithatacoXx 2013-04-02 11:00:07 PM


    I don't get over shit easily either. Note: Don't take your life because I'd be stupid enough to do it too.

    :D That's good. Dance in front of your mother naked, singing Na Na Na reeeaally loudly. Maybe then she'll get her head outta her ass. :)

    Author's response


    I won't. I'm not trying that shit again.

    O.O Uhm...
  • The Tale Of The Lonely Gazebosaurus

    (#) xXchickenwithatacoXx 2013-04-02 11:08:54 PM



    Orrrrrr you could tell your mother your in lesbians with a girl you met over the internet. ;D (I'm joking.)

    Author's response



    Haha xD
  • The Tale Of The Lonely Gazebosaurus

    (#) cj_warner94 2013-04-02 11:20:27 PM

    Awwww Hun. I'm here for you. It's like when I had three pet rats and two of them died. One was white with a black face, the other two were white and tray and evil... But the black one was called Reggie and I loved him and he was awesome but he was one of the one that died and no joke I screamed and went into hysterics when I found him dead. I found his brother (ronnine) dead first then looked through all the tissue paper for a sign of movement. And his body fell out. I pushed everyone away, he was my best friend, he lived for about five years and I was 12 at the time... I still haven't got over it....

    Author's response

    Aw, I'm sorry, hon...


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