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Oh yes. Felt a bit like Sailor Moon description, so please give me feedback. ^u^

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Tumblr’s body is cold. She died from that fall, HSG was right about that.
However, she landed on the stone slab that clinches her ascension to God Tier.
Her planet, the Land of Stumps and Dismay, is teeming with life like frogs and several thousand different types of bugs, one of which is the common green dragonfly.

One singular common green dragonfly breaks away from it’s glowing, buzzing group to where Tumblr’s corpse is. He lands gently on her forehead.
Another one lands on her arm. More and more flock to the body of this girl, wings humming as they land on her.

Nothing comes for free. Not even second chances. In order for Tumblr to reach her own God Tier status, she has to sacrifice her dream self.
As the injuries heal on her physical body, they appear on the body of her dream self. Eventually, Tumblr’s Dream Self will succumb to her injuries and die.

Blood pools down Tumblr’s arms as she rises off the rock slab. Her body remains horizontal, eyes still closed. She glows brighter and brighter as she ascends, skin shining pure white beneath the blood. Every single common green dragonfly on the Land of Stumps and Dismay flocks to her side, wings buzzing into a symphony.

Her heart begins to beat, and she starts to breathe again. Her clothes change from her dark blue t-shirt to a black shirt and loose pants, which are tucked into light grey boots. The hood of her outfit is black, and tapers to her midback. The blood on her arms vanishes, evaporating.
Last, but not least, the white, spiraling symbol of space forms in the middle of her new shirt.

Tumblr’s Dream Self dies.
Her new God Tier self opens her eyes.

Looking down at her hands, and at the dragonflies buzzing around her in a cloud of green, Tumblr floats. She tries to retrace her steps, back to why she’s suddenly in different clothes and what the hell is with these damn bugs. She braces her palms against one another, focussing, and drags them apart slowly. The blue-black space she creates thrills her. Portals have that effect on people.
She spends the rest of the day flying and stretching her new powers, which include but are not limited to flight, portal creation, growing and shrinking, and duplicating herself.
Tumblr, the Thief of Space, does not bother herself with the Prince of Rage, who is camped out in a cave twenty thousand feet below her.


MSPAF is still sitting in front of his computer, hoping it’ll boot up. That nothing will go wrong.
That he made the right decision by ignoring the coin flip.
His fingernails dig into the bare flesh of his thighs below his shorts. “C’mon, c’mon, wake up!” he hisses. Behind his glasses, his eyes are focussed and alert, waiting to see if he was right.
When his computer wheezes to life, MSPAF goes apeshit, whooping like a warrior, jumping like an idiot, and flailing his arms with wild abandon.

On LOSAP, Youtube is lying at the bottom of a ravine on a rock slab. A moth dazedly flutters down to where she is, landing on her eyebrow. A second moth follows the first, feather-soft wings hushing down to where she lies. Youtube’s white skin starts to glow as she rises off the rock slab, surrounded by a whirling cyclone of moths. Her hair pitches forwards over her face as her torso falls forwards. The tissue in her heart mends together, and starts to pump new blood as the old vanishes from her body.

The armor she worked so hard to customize starts to collapse. The built-up shoes shatter to reveal curly-toed slippers. Her pants are form-fitted, as with the shirt. Both are dark green. Light green short shorts are stretched over her pants. The jester collar of her shirt is also light green, as with her hood. Pulled up, her hood extends up almost a foot high above her head.
The cape she gets goes to her knees, a simple affair. The symbol of Mind forms on her chest, a light green circle with wavy lines branching off it.

On Prospit, Youtube’s dream self dies.
Youtube’s God Tier self awakens, crimson irises taking in the new world.

Youtube flinches, hard, head snapping down into her chest. Sound, noise, static, voices, and her own thoughts are crowding in her mind, so much so that it’s tortuous. Youtube starts slapping at either side of her head, wanting all of it to go away. She wants to run far, far away from all of this sound like she’s done every time before.
Snapping her eyes up to the sky, Youtube grits her teeth. She won’t run this time. Not this time.
Bringing herself up to the sky, Youtube inhales until she feels her lungs will burst. The chlorine gas rushes in eagerly, not able to do as much damage as it could to a mortal, although it still hurts. However, it’s not enough to stop her.

There would be no accurate words enough to describe what happens. The scream that tears out of her lungs is primal and desperate, a howl of lonely people.


She drops out of the sky like a missile, cracking the surface of the LOSAP before she hits it. The ground breaks under her feet, splitting apart with the force of her own mind. White-blond hair curls around her head like seaweed at high tide. Light green mind energy pulses around her hands. Nobody’s gonna fuck with her now.
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