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Be jel of how awesome my day went..

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Right, so today I went out you is all gasping like 'no you betrayer!'.

But, let me tell you what I did before then..

Okay, so I got up at like 10am this morning, and I switched on the laptop while I made my breakfast. I had weetabix, with warm milk and a fuckload of sugar. It was, in one word, asdjklfl. It was gorgeous. So, while I was eating that, the Kerrang! Rock 100 top 50 was on, so I completly forgot about my laptop and watched the whole thing. The number one song in the rock 100 was Shadow Moses by BMTH. Fallen angels by BVB was second, MCR were 3rd and 7th, PTV were 4th with King For A Day, then it was A7x and Green Day, then 30STM and Asking Alexandria then the tenth song was Loverboy by You Me At Six. Good lineup, right there. After that, Mum suggested to taking me and my brother to KFC, which she did. I had a kids meal with a kids burger which was fucking small as fuck, with a load of tasteless chips, corn on the cob and ice cream, vanilla ice cream, with a pepsi as a drink. It was loverly. I made the stupid choise of no music. Facepalming Self.
After KFC, when we got home, I quickly headed out to get Kerrang! Magazine, with MCR on the cover, and they had 4 pages about them inside AND they are in next weeks issue too. Oh, the feels. Then, I put my laptop on charge as I left it on so long, then I logged into Twitter and FicWad, where I read Jazzy's oneshot, which was epic like omfg. It was so cool, and funny I was nearly dying with laughter.

So, that's what I did today.
In a bit, when my laptop is charged, I might ask my Mum if I'm allowed to get some clothes of Grindstore. I've decided what I want, three tops. Those tops are:

- PTV ladies top. It's, what I can remember from it, black and a vest top I think, I can't remember.

- SWS ladies top. I think it's grey, I'm not sure.

- BVB ladies top. I can't remember what colour it is but I wants it.

I also want some BVB badges too, to put on my school bag. Also, I want the PTV necklace and the BVB wristbands. Mum owes me, I think, £50 so I can do the math on how much every item will cost. If it's too much, I'll ask if I can get tops printed for me, and just get the badges, necklace and wristbands.

Also, I've decided what song to sing for the talent show, thanks to you guys! I'mma be singing Famous Last Words. Yeah-huh. It got rejected for the Christmas Celebrations because 'the lyrics aren't appropriate for Christmas' and I was like 'da fuq?' but I shrugged it off. So, I'll sing it for the Talent show, and decided to sing SWS for the Christmas Celebrations.

I'll update on my Angsty Poems and Oneshots thing. But, I need a topic. I'll let y'all decide between two.

- Love.
- Letting Out All Your Emotions That You've Hidden From Everyone For Half Your Life.

So, picky picky! You guys are good at picking shit so..

Right. So how was your day then?
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