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My day. And other stuff too.

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Hello, people of the Internet and surrounding worlds.
How was your day? Good? Bad? Both?

Well, here's what I did today!

I got up at half seven, and as I had the Occupational Therapist and had set an alarm for 8AM I played on my DS. Then, I officially got up and got dressed, and made breakfast. Helena was on Kerrang! TV this morning and I was like:

"AHHHH! (Sadie turns up volume)"

Then, after I had breakfast, I did my wash and all that and we all got in the car (me, Mum, my brother and his friend) to go to my sister's because my brother was babysitting her kids while she was at the Occupational Therapist with me and Mum. My brother's friend forgot his phone and house key, so he was stuck babysitting five hyper kids. Lol at them.

Our first stop before the Therapist's was the garage to drop off Mum's car. We got lost. But, we found our way in the end. We dropped off the car and all huddled into my sister's car to go to the place we were mean't to be going, Occupational Therapy.

We got there one minute before the appointment, and was called into the Therapy Room, where we tested out my motor skills. I cut play-doh. Fun. AND I KNOW HOW TO TIE SHOELACES NOW. PROPERLY.


Hey, don't judge. Took 13 years to finally learn.

After that, we went to my Sister's, where we remained for ages while the car was getting done. I got to watch my TV though, and MCR came on and I was like O.O and my 4 year old cousin was like:

"Who are they?"

And I said:

"A band I like."

He said:

"I like the scary one" (WTTBP was on, so he probably mean't Gee aw.)

At about 3pm, we drove to the garage to get the car back. We don't have it until next week, the person said. Sucks. Then, we got Mum's pills and drove home, where I just had a bath and smell like a fricking blueberry and a mint. Fresh. And, now I is typing this.


You guys heard about the hate crime thing then.

To be fucking honest, we shoulda made discrimination like this, a hate crime, before someone got killed for being a goth. Someone did actually get killed, they got beaten to death.
So, they shoulda fucking made it a hate crime ages ago.



Here, at 8pm (my time).

(Band members will be there, don't worry. Pete Wentz will make this a party!)

Who's comin'? ANYONE IS ALLOWED.

K. I'll go now.

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