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Introductory Q&A!

by FantasyChild 15 Reviews

Just a little Q&A thing so you guys can get to know me, the newbie, a bit, yo!

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  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) MCR-99 2013-04-10 12:47:45 PM


    1. Do you like My Chemical Romance, or have you heard of them?

    2. I see your name is FantasyChild. Do you like Final Fantasy?

    3. Have you heard of Sleeping With Sirens? (They're a band by the way.)

    4. What bands do you like?

    5. Wanna read my stories? I write loads.

    6. Do you ship any pairings? If so, what pairings? (shipping is big in the fanfiction world, just so ya know.)

    7. Do you think we'd ever be friends in real life?

    8. What is your OTP? (One True Pairing.)

    9. Favourite song, by your favourite band?

    10. What would you do if you ever met a band member?



    11. Are you on Twitter? What is your @ name? I'll follow you. Mine is @xSleepingSirenx . I will fangirl with you if you want me too okay.

    BYE. xo Sadie

    Author's response

    1. Yes! I adore MCR!

    2. Yep! Final Fantasy is where I got my name from!

    3. I LOVE SWS!

    4. Loads. I listen to mainly rock :)

    5. Sure, I'll read them when I'm not sleep deprived! (It's 7AM here and I just pulled an all-nighter, yo!)

    6. I ship tons! I'll mention them later!

    7. Definitely! I make friends easily!

    8. That requires thinking, I don't feel like thinking right now.

    9. Gah, can't decide!

    10. I'd flip shit, that's for sure! I'd flip over any celebrity even if I hated them!

    11. I am not on Twitter, but I will get one soon when I can be bothered! For now, I have email! It's :)
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) XKilljoyParadeX 2013-04-10 01:06:24 PM

    Hello! Welcome to Ficwad by the way,

    I can't think of any more questions ^^ those are pretty good haha umm..

    -Are you going to be writing on the site or just hanging out?

    -Have you ever written anything before?

    -Do you like art?

    -How old are you?

    -If you do like MCR what is your favourite song/album?

    -Do you have Tumblr?

    have fun answering.. :3

    ~Blondie x

    Author's response

    1. For now I'm just hanging out.

    2. Yes I have, a bit too personal to put up here though for now. :)

    3. Some forms, yes.

    4. I will be 16 in June!

    5. My fave album is Revenge and my fave song is I'm Not Okay!

    6. I do not. :(
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) XKilljoyParadeX 2013-04-10 01:37:11 PM

    I think you're gonna fit right in here, as long as you don't mind a but of drama every now and again.. :)

    -Whats your favourite film? and why?
    -If you could meet any famous person, living or dead who would it be?

    ~Blondie x

    Author's response

    1. My fave film is I Know What You Did Last Summer. I have no idea why, I just adore horror films!

    2. I would choose to meet Kurt Cobain!
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) MCR-99 2013-04-10 03:53:48 PM


    you are now my best friend ok.

    Author's response

    Okay, best friends it is!
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) ColorfulShadow 2013-04-10 11:04:32 PM

    Hi! I'm Jazzy!

    1. Favorite MCR boy?

    2. What type of stories will you plan on making?

    3. Wanna read my stuff? :3

    4. Marry, fuck, kill: Justin Bieber, One Direction, Nicki Minaj.

    5. Do you watch Soul Eater?

    6. Ever watched Rise of the Guardians?

    7. You think we can be friends?

    8. Did you know the number 8 is a symmetrical number?

    Author's response

    1. Tough question...I think I'll go with Mikey.

    2. I have no idea yet!

    3. Sure!

    4. Gah...can I choose 'KILL EM ALL', yo?

    5. I don't particularly like much anime.

    6. Yes!

    7. I think we can!

    8. So it is! I knew it!
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) AlexisSCREAM 2013-04-10 11:17:22 PM

    Hey ^^ I'm Nikki

    Where are you from?

    Do you like any sports?

    Have you heard of the band Volbeat?

    What languages can you speak?

    Do you know who Kamui Gakupo is?

    What is your favourite MCR song from their first album?


    Author's response

    1. USA, I live in New Mexico!

    2. Not really.

    3. Nope.

    4. English (obviously!), Spanish and Pig Latin!

    5. Nope.

    6. I have to go with Headfirst For Halos, yo!
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) AlexisSCREAM 2013-04-10 11:37:58 PM

    Do you know who Hatsune Miku is?

    Author's response

    I do not, yo.
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) gemiam 2013-04-10 11:47:57 PM

    Hi! I'm semi new as well.

    Author's response

    Well then, hello other newbie! I'm guessing your name is Gem from your username? If it is, your name is cool! If not, I bet you still have a cool name, yo!
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) gemiam 2013-04-11 06:15:30 AM

    Yes, its Gem. I'm male :)

    Author's response

    Very cool name! I'm female but I feel like a male most of the time.
  • Introductory Q&A!

    (#) gemiam 2013-04-11 06:32:25 AM

    My husband is the opposite of that :) He's pretty effeminate.

    Author's response

    I look very feminine, but feel very masculine.

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