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You God Damn Fucking What, School?

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What is dis fuckery?

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Okay, so my Math teacher said to the class today:

"It's Year 8 exam week next week."

I was like:

"slowly freaking out inside"

What? We just got back from a 2-week holiday (which was awesome and I didn't want it to end..) and you give us fucking TESTS?! We need at least a few weeks to prepare or something, or you could have at LEAST told us that it was test week the week after we come back..

Fucking School.


Okay, so I (tried) to write the next chapter of This Blood Evacutation, but when I read it over as I wrote it, I was like "dis is shit ok."
So, I'm going to scrap it. I require help from my Co-Planner (staring, owl eyes, at Reno) so, TO DA EMAILY SYSTEM FOR CONFRENCE OR SOMETHING.
I'm determined to write the chapter, by 5pm in England.

(sits with a pot of coffee at the planning table, waiting for Reno to show.)



You don't know what it's like, to wake up in the middle of the night, scared at the thought of kissing razors. ~~ Pierce The Veil, Stay Away From My Friends.

(;~;) - I gave it that, as a few nights ago I kinda thought about suicide. I'm okays now though. Me is fine. :)) - See? Happy.


So, how was your day?

OH! My Science teacher said 'The Universe' TWICE today. Jeez. I wanted to laugh but I couldn't.
Also, I got a 6B in my French Listening assesment today. :P yay!

There. TO EMAIL.
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