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The World Doesn't Do Exactly What You Want It To Now, Does It?

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Frank enjoyed the way he was thanks to Pete and Patrickā€¦ except when it landed him in trouble, and even then, he would be wrong in saying that he didn't enjoy himself! But he knew things would be...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Frank Iero - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2013/05/13 - Updated: 2013/05/13 - 512 words

This is the first story i have started recently, and is a product of tonsillitis, so i hope you enjoy the thing that has kept me from passing out! -ebony xo

As nice as it would be if the world went exactly as you wanted it too… it doesn’t. This is what Frank Iero quickly learnt when he first moved to Bellville, New Jersey.

His parents had moved him away from his school and house in Florida, after he got into a spot of trouble with the police… something that included a lot of alcohol, and a lot of drugs, and a lot of underage people. Now this is something you would expect any teenager who wasn’t a teacher’s pet, or a snitch. Well, at least that’s what he thought.

So because of this, they were moving back to his father’s hometown and into what Frank soon interpreted as hell on earth. They had made him promise that he would go to all his classes, and lay off the alcohol and drugs so he could get through his exams… and they said that if he could do this, then they would let him invite Pete and Patrick over for a week or so.

Frank hastily agreed but not before crossing his fingers behind his back. What his parents don’t know, won’t hurt them was the main thought going through his head as he did so.

Pete and Patrick were his two best friends in his old school… they were also dating. People at his old school were pretty open minded, give or take two or three homophobes… but they were quickly silenced by the others. Pete and Patrick… they were the slightly geeky, slightly punky, slightly odd yet somehow still the most popular guys in school, and they had taken Frank under their wings and transformed him into the little introvert he was now.

He enjoyed the way he was thanks to them… except when it landed him in trouble, and even then, he would be wrong in saying that he didn't enjoy himself! Pete and Patrick had both helped teach Frank the basics on his very first guitar, they had helped him dye his hair a darker brown and they had helped him become known as the tough little shit who could kick your ass if you got on the wrong side of him… this was only partly true…

But he knew things were going to change the second the car drove over the border of the town. He had heard all about it too, but he was sure it was just his parents trying to scare him straight. Well… until he saw it all happen for himself! It looked rough and scary… not that things like this scared Frank or anything… not at all!

There you go, i know it is only short, but they will get longer if you like this! please rate and review! (if you do, i will check out one of your stories and r + r them!) -ebony xo
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