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In a World So Wrong

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Her house....

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After school the next day, I waited outside for Jenna to come out, biting my lip so hard I tasted blood. "Hi Mikey. Decide what we're gonna do yet?" I turned at her voice.

She was putting her bag on her back, a pair of sunglasses slipping over her eyes. "My house? Unless you have a better idea..." I looked down.

"That's fine, but would you mind if we went past my place real quick? I have to drop off my bag and change." she turned to show me stain on the back of her pant leg. "It happened at lunch and I didn't even notice." she sighed.

"Yeah. No problem." I swallowed hard. "Do you live close?" She laughed softly.

"No, not really. But we have a ride." she pointed to a sleek black car parked along the curb. Come on." she grabbed my hand and, with a surprising strength, pulled me to the car. "Hi Linus." she said as she opened the door, shoving me in.

The man in front of me grunted and started the car. Cold air blasted back on us. "Is Daddy home yet?" She asked as she shut the door.

"No Miss Jenna. You still have the run of the house. Your father is still in New York." Jenna's face fell a bit but she nodded.

"Okay. Can you take us home and then to my friend's house?" The man, Linus, nodded again and pulled away from the school.

We drove in silence for what felt like hours. Finally, we drove though a huge wooded area and into a huge field that happened to have a huge mansion in the middle of it. "Welcome to Phillip manor." Linus said as he pulled up to the door and parked.

"We'll be right down." Jenna said, climbing out and waving at me to follow her. She opened the double doors and walked in, me behind her.

The front room was huge, almost the size of my whole house. She started up one of the sets of stairs, her hair bouncing with each step she took.

"What does your dad do exactly?" I asked, looking around the hall we walked down. She froze for a second before she smiled back at me.

"Daddy owns his own business. I'm taking it over once he passes." she said easily.

"I see. But what kind of business is it?" I asked as we were paused.

"It's confidential." she smiled and started to walk again. "Sorry I can't tell you more unless you work for us."

We passed a room full of men around a table, a large piece of paper on it. I paused, trying to hear what they whispered. Jenna noticed and walked back, her gait fierce, and shut the door, looking at me with a stern gleam in her green eyes.

Her body was tense as she straightened. "This way. You can stay in the hall while I change." she opened a door at the end of the hall and stepped in, shutting me out. "I'll be fast!" she called to me.

I sat on the floor, leaning on the wall. The door down the hall opened, making me look up. A tall, thin man stepped out, looking at me. His face was blank.

Not sure what to do, I waved my hand once and let it fall to rest on my knees. He started toward me, his hand going inside his jacket.

The door beside me opened, making me jump. "James." Jenna said. The man froze in his tracks, his hand slowly coming out of his jacket. "Good boy. Leave him alone." She shut the door again.

James glared at me before he went back to the room. Jenna stepped out, her pale arms bared in a tank top. Her legs were covered by a clean pair of tight pants that she had tucked into her knee high black boots.

"Come on then." She looked at me with a small smile. I stood and followed her, my heart stopping as we passed the closed door. "Don't mind them. They all work for us." I nodded as we went down the stairs.

The car was still there, Linus hadn't moved a muscle either. "Address?" he said as soon as we climbed in.

I gave him my home address and he just started to drive. Not long later, we were in front of my house. "Thanks Linus." Jenna and I said as we got out.

"I'll call you when I need to be picked up" Jenna said before he left. "So this is where yo live?" she asked, taking my hand. "Lucky. I bet you don't get a bunch of odd looks when you have someone over for the first time."

I led her to the front door. "It's not as nice as you'd assume. My brother is an ass." I opened the door. "Mom, I'm home! And I have a friend here!"

"Is it Frankie?" she called from the kitchen over the sound of pans clinking.

"No Mom." I sighed. "It's not Frankie. It's Jenna." I stood in front of the kitchen and showed her. She froze.

"Oh you finally brought home a girl!" she squealed, dropping the spoon into the pot she'd been stirring. I shot her the death look and she composed herself. "Sorry dear. He's just always so shy..." she looked at me. "Gerard! Get up here!" she stamped her foot on the floor once.

"What?" I heard him yell from the stairs to his room. He opened the door and froze as he saw Jenna. J-Jenna P-Philips?" He looked at me, his eyes huge. I smirked at him.

"I know he's shy, Ms. Way." Jenna smiled, ignoring Gerard. "I'm going to help him with that though." her hand tightened around mine.

I looked at her. "After all, we'll be spending a lot of time together, right Mikey?" she asked, her face beaming as she looked at me.

Smiling back, I nodded. Gerard looked like he was about to faint. Mom looked like she was getting ready to wet herself.

And I...was pretty sure I looked as drunk on joy as I felt.

Sorry it took so long. STARS is tomorrow and Saturday night, so I should have more free time once that's over. But I'll try to start another chapter on this and finish it up tomorrow if not tonight.

For now, R+R and all that sexy shit.

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