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WTF am I doing up at 8am on a Saturday for fuck sakes..

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I hate early mornings..

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Good morning! yawns

It's 8 AM.
On a Saturday.
Why am I up now?

Eh, whatever.
I can't sleep, so may as well stay up.

I had the weirdest dream last night.

Okay, so in my dream, I was watching PTV live videos (I just was, dunno why..) when I realised they were touring and would be where I live, yet I didn't have any money or anything. Then, Jack Barakat (I dunno how he even got into my room, but whatever.) said he'd take me to see them live, with all of ATL, because they were touring with PTV. I was like 'um what?' then I was like 'okay' then I was like 'how did you even get in my room?' and Jack was like 'shh... I can't tell you' so I was like 'why?' and he was like 'because I can't' so I was like 'just fucking tell me' and he was like 'I flew here on the nyan cat' and that's where the dream ended.

That.. is fucked up.
Like, really.

More fucked up than that dream I had where I met BVB in a diner, and Andy was like 'we're gonna get something to eat, want anything?' and I was like 'yeah' and at the same time we said 'chicken nuggets okay' and then it got awkward.. then I dunno what happened during the dream, but in the end my feet got burned off by acid and I died.

Please tell me weather or not I need to go to a fucking mental hospital, because, seriously my dreams are fucked up..


Also. I just saw Jazzy's fic (the killjoy one Save Yourself) on the Featured Story thingy. OH MY FUCKING JESUS CHRIST.

(Speaking of Jesus Christ, he tweeted me on Twitter yesterday..)
(Speaking of Jesus Christ again, JESUS X HITLER FICTION I JUST)

Anyway, I updated my new fic today.
You guys actually like it?
Why thank you!

I'm going on
Talk to me on there if you need anything, even if it's a picture of a hot band member, you got it.

xo Sadie
(Peace and Cookies. Yes. I did just say cookies. What? I LIKE COOKIES OKAYYY.)
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