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Ch12: Motherly instinct frustration

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Normal POV
A week later Madeleine is strong enough to get out of bed. She walks out of her room and sees her friends. "Good morning Maddie." Casey says. "Good morning to you too Case but were Dominic." she says. Casey tells her that he's still sleeping. She shakes her head and smiles. Everyone walks over to where Fiona is making breakfast. They take their seats in front of the counter. "Morning mom what's for breakfast?" she asks. "Strawberry pancakes and turkey bacon." Fiona answers. "Sounds good I'm starving." Madeleine says as. Fiona chuckles as she hands her daughter a plate of food. She thanks her mom for the food and starts to eat.

A few minutes later Dominic enters the room and Madeleine looks up from her plate to look over at him. Madeleine swallows what is in her mouth before she says anything. "Morning my white rhino." she says. "Good morning to you too kitten and I'm happy to see that you’re out of bed." Dominic says. Madeleine gets up from her stool and walks over to him. She kisses him on the cheek.

"Not in front of your mom." Dominic says blushing. "Dom my mom is a Phai Zhuq master remember." she says. "My daughter has a good point Dominic I can sense how much you two care for each other. I could tell that you two are a couple by the way you act when you’re together." Fiona says. They walk over to Fiona and sit down. After breakfast everyone heads down stairs to go to work. Dominic and Madeleine are the last ones to head down stairs.

"Hold up Mades I don't think you should go to work." Fiona says. "Mom all I'm going to be doing is singing. I'm not going to be waiting on tables or working in the kitchen." Madeline says as she turns back around to face he mom. "I know Mades but you're still recovering." Fiona argues. "Mom I'm fine really why are still treating me like a cub." Madeline says. "Because you’re acting like one" Fiona says. "This is so unfair. You’re ruining my life." Madeline says. "Madeline you need to stay here." Fiona says. "But mom" Madeleine says. "No Mades not another word." Fiona says. "Fine how about three. I hate you." Madeline says as she runs down stairs to the pizzeria. "Madeline Lynn come back here." Fiona yells towards her daughter.


I hear the door from loft slam shut. Then I see Madeline running out of the pizzeria with tears rolling down her cheeks. A few seconds later Dominic walks in. "Hey Dom, what happened up there?" I ask. "Maddie and her mom got into an argument over her coming back to work." Dom answers. "I can see why Madeline would be upset I mean she loves singing for the people that come in." Casey says. "I know Case but her mom is only doing this because she loves her." Lily says. “I'm pretty sure she knows that Lily but I think Madeline feels like her mom doesn't trust her to live on her own. I'm sure that master Snowy really came here because she wasn't ready to let Madeline go." My dad says as he walks in. "How can you be so sure dad?" I ask. "I can sense it son." he answers. "What should we do?" Dominic asks. "Dad can you go talk with master Snowy?" I ask. Dad nods and goes upstairs. "While he is doing that I'll go find Madeleine. The rest of you just get things ready to go." I say. "You got it boss." Dominic says. I leave to go find Madeline.

Master Finn’s POV

I walk upstairs to the loft and see master Snowy putting the dishes away. She turns around to grab another plate.”Hello master Finn” she greets. “Hello to you too Fiona” I say. “What brings you here?” she asks. “I know the real reason why you came here. You don’t believe that Madeline is capable to live on her own.” I say. “You’re right Master Finn is she is very capable it’s just she wasn’t ready to go.” She says. “She wasn’t ready or maybe you weren’t ready.” I say. She sets her hands on the counter. I walk over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “You’re right again Finn I wasn’t ready to let her go. I mean she is my little girl.” She says. “I know but you can’t hold on to them forever.” I remind her. “I know” she says. “How about we go help my son bring her back here?” I ask. She nods and we leave the loft.

Madeline's POV

I'm at the ocean skipping stones. The stones are sinking well like stones instead of skipping on the water's surface. "You know they don't skip when you’re mad." RJ says. I try to skip another stone before I turn around to face him. "Hey RJ, just for the record I'm not mad." I say. "Then what do you call it?" he asks. "I'm just upset I mean I never said anything like that to my mom before.” I say. "Dom said that you and your mom got into a little argument." RJ says. "We and she was just being so..." I say as I let a frustrated grunt. "She was being so what?" RJ asks. "Completely well like a mom. I hate her for making me say that I hate her." I say. "You know that she only is acting like this because she loves you." he reminds me. "I know RJ it’s like she doesn't want me to live on my own life. Sometimes having a parent that is a Phai Zqua master is a little hard." I say. "What do you mean?" he asks. "I had a hard time coming up with a good explanation of what my parents did for a living to all my friends from school." I answer. Then I see mom and Master Finn walk up.

Normal POV

The masters stop and stand next to RJ. "Hey sweetie, I think we need to talk." Fiona says. "I know mom and I'm sorry when I said I hated you I was just..." Madeline says. Master Snowy walks up to her daughter. "I know sweetie, look no parent wants to see their child grow up but every parent knows someday they have to.” Fiona says. "Mom I'll always be your little girl.” Madeline says as she gives her mom a hug. Fiona returns her daughter's hug by nearly squeezing all the air from her lungs. "Mom choking not breathing" Madeline says. Fiona apologies as she releases her daughter from her hug.”Look I’m going to stay here a little longer but I promise that I’ll only tell you what to do when I help you train. Any other time I’ll keep my mouth shut.” Fiona says. “I guess that could work.” Madeline says. “How’s about I let go get back to work?” Fiona asks. “Really mom” Madeline replies. “Yes and we better hurry Casey told me that everyone loves hearing you sing.” Fiona says. “Thanks mom” Madeline says as she gives her mom another quick hug. “You’re welcome Mades.” Fiona says. Then everyone head back to JK pizza.
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