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Surrender the Night

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Mikey was kidnapped eight years ago. Gerard is a detective and now somebody has come up with information regarding his missing brother. How far will Gerard go to get Mikey back?

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A/N: The age differences have been changed. Gerard and Mikey are eight years apart and Frank is older than Mikey.

Chapter One:

Gerard Way quickly shut and locked his car door before running up his front steps and into his warm house. Winter was bad this year, the coldest it had been in a long time, and Gerard couldn’t wait until it was spring so he could venture outside and not have to worry about getting hypothermia. He could hear his wife, Lindsay, singing in the kitchen. He gently set his briefcase down by the coat rack and hung up his black trench-coat. When he entered the kitchen his wife of two years smiled at him and, before setting the last plate on the table, gingerly kissed her husband. Gerard and Lindsay sat down at the table and began putting the steaming food on their plates.

“How was work?” Lindsay asked before putting a forkful of food into her mouth.

Gerard shrugged, “Fine, Ray and I were just getting ready for the Harper case trial tomorrow.” Lindsay simply nodded; she knew how her husband felt about the Harper case. Jason Harper was a nine-year old boy that was kidnapped after both his parents were brutally murdered, he was found three days later with multiple cuts and bruises and a single bullet wound through the back of the head. Gerard and his partner Ray Toro had been working non-stop for over three months trying to find out who murdered the boy. Finally they figured it out, but now they needed to present their evidence to the court. Now the defense attorney wanted to question Gerard. They both knew the reason why the defense would call him up to stand, and Gerard was hoping that they wouldn’t let the murderer go just because of it.

The rest of the meal went on in a tense silence; after they were done Lindsay cleaned the kitchen and joined her husband on the couch. Gerard wrapped an arm around her shoulders and brought her closer to him. “How’s the baby doing?” He asked gently putting his hand on her stomach.

Lindsay smiled, “Oh she’s as feisty as ever, it feels like she is doing pull-ups and using my ribs as the bar.” Gerard chuckled softly and Lindsay rested her head on his shoulder. Gerard kissed the top of her head and started to run his fingers through her soft hair. Lindsay quickly fell asleep, leaving Gerard alone with his thoughts. He stared mindlessly at the TV, trying to forget that the trial was tomorrow and what he knew the defense was going to bring up in his questioning.

Eventually he stood up and escorted his tired wife to bed, she mumbled incoherently before falling straight back to sleep. Gerard kissed her forehead and stripped of his suit. He pulled on a pair of sleep pants and slid in next to Lindsay. After a few hours of staring at the ceiling Gerard was finally able to fall into a dreamless sleep.

The shrilling sound of the alarm clock woke up Gerard, he lazily swung an arm at it. He lifted the warm sheets off his body and slowly walked to the bathroom to take a shower. Gerard stood in the shower longer than he normally would; he was trying to calm his nerves. Eventually he shut off the water and dried himself off. He put on his suit and straightened out his tie before exiting the bathroom. He saw that Lindsay was still sleeping peacefully; he wrote a note saying that he loved her and what time he should be home before gently kissing Lindsay on the forehead and leaving the bedroom.

Gerard put on his trench coat, grabbed his briefcase and left the warm house. Outside rain poured from the sky and Gerard rushed to get into his car. Gerard breathed warm air into his hands before starting the car and driving towards the court house. Once there he went through all the necessary security checkpoints and met up with his partner Ray in the prosecution briefing room.

Ray nodded to his partner, “You ready for this? You know they’re going to try to bring up your past right?”

“Yeah I know but I’m not letting this son-of-a-bitch get away with this. Don’t worry I can handle a lawyer in my face.” Gerard weakly smiled. Ray gave him a worried glance before they were called into the court room.

“Your honor we call Gerard Way to the stand.” The defense lawyer, Henry Kemp, announced. Henry was a plump middle-aged man, his brown hair thinning more every day, and his green eyes were always behind his bronze wire-rimmed glasses. Ray patted his partner on the shoulder before Gerard walked to the stand. Gerard took his oath not to lie and sat down. He glanced over to the prosecution’s lawyer, and a good friend of his, Jerry Hamble who smiled reassuringly. Jerry was freshly out of law school, and he had made top of his class. He was a tall man, about the age of twenty-seven, and his blond hair was always cut short.

“Mr. Way you and your partner Raymond Toro were the detectives in this case right?” Henry asked looking up from his small folder sitting on the table.

“Yes, Mr. Toro and I were assigned to the Harper case.” Gerard stated and looked over to the man sitting next to Henry. He took a deep breath; he couldn’t let him get away with the murder.

“Mr. Way I’ve spoken to several different detectives you work with and they said that you worked day and night in this case.” Henry said walking up to Gerard.

“Yes, I wanted justice for what happened to the boy.” Gerard looked Henry in the eyes; he knew what was going to come next.

“Of course you did, we all do, Mr. Way you had a younger brother yes?” Henry led on.

“I still do,” Gerard answered.

“Objection your honor! I don’t see how this is relevant to the case!” Jerry stated standing up from his chair.

“Overruled…Mr. Kemp, make your point soon please.” The judge ordered. Jerry shook his head and sat back down in his seat.

“Yes your honor. Mr. Way your younger brother Michael was kidnapped when he was nine, and your parents murdered. That case sounds strikingly similar to the Harper case does it not?” Henry asked.

Gerard took a deep breath, “Yes, yes it does. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t follow all necessary regulations in arresting your client.”

“Would you say that you had an emotional drive for this case though? That maybe you rushed through some of your regulations that normally you wouldn’t overlook.” Henry asked before turning to the jury. “Mr. Way is a great detective, I’m not saying otherwise, but I think this case and its evidence should be looked over by someone not so connected to the case.”

“Objection!” Jerry shouted, “Mr. Way did not work alone. Mr. Toro was with him the entire
time and he has no connection to the case.”

“Granted, Mr. Kemp I don’t know what you were thinking, but that is not nearly enough evidence to prove Mr. Way was linked to this case in any matter. Mr. Way you may leave the stand.” The judge stated, Henry grunted and returned to his table. Gerard nodded and walked to the back of the court room where Ray was sitting.

“Good job,” Ray whispered.

“Thanks,” Gerard mumbled in return.

The trial continued for another three hours before the jury was sent away to decide the verdict. Ray and Gerard walked out of the courtroom to stretch their legs. Jerry walked out moments later and patted Gerard’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry; I don’t know what Henry was thinking. I’m sorry that, that was brought up.” Jerry apologized.

“Its fine, I just hope that the Harper family gets some justice for what happened to their son.” Gerard stated, both Ray and Jerry nodded in agreement.

“Hey I was thinking about grabbing some dinner after this, would you two boys care to join me?” Jerry asked.

Gerard shook his head, “Sorry Jerry not this time, I promised Lindsay I would be home. She’s due any day now.”

“Congratulations man, is it a boy or a girl?” Jerry asked.

“A girl,” Gerard answered. Just when Jerry was about to ask another question the bailiff came out to tell them that the jury had made their decision.

“This soon? It’s only been ten minutes!” Jerry exclaimed. The bailiff simply nodded and walked back into the courtroom. Gerard glanced nervously over at Ray.

Once seated, the judged asked, “Has the jury reached a verdict?”

A women on the end stood up, “We have your honor. We the jury find the defendant…guilty of all charges.”

Gerard had to keep himself from smiling as the man was led away by the bailiffs. Henry shook his head as he gathered up his papers. After talking with Ray and Jerry for a few minutes Gerard got back into his car and drove home. The rain had stopped but there was still a bitter chill in the air. Gerard walked up his front steps and his heart stopped when he saw a white envelope by his front door. His name was written on the front of it, he picked it up with trembling hands. He looked around to see if anyone was watching him. When he couldn’t see anyone he opened the envelope and what he saw written on the lined paper took his breath

I know where your brother is. Meet me at the small coffee shop on the corner of 7th and Kingston. 7PM. I’ll be sitting at the table in the far left corner of the room.

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